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 ---Sorry if your idea of being Black American and mine quit differ. I'm the real deal.------
tuffyy777. “African American History WW2 1944.” YouTube, YouTube, 28 Aug. 2010,


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Grown Folks Presidential Library located in United States of America. Tour open today.  

Kids have their own Web site. Now Grown-folks have theirs. Not a kid anymore. No thanks. Sorry, you not educated enough on the issues to get on this site yet. Read a little more. Get back. This Website is a destination and tailored for Grown Folk, Rod. If you are not Grown, 18+, you may ask your mom, your dad, or your grown-guardian(s) first, are you grown enough, before touring this site.  If you think your parents being parents is hatefull, then you have not reached maturity to view this site. If you haven't learned how to put on a belt to keep your pants properly pulled up, then you just don't meet the qualified dress code to hang out here. Put those bloomers in your pants my friend. Respect those that built this nation "Great!"

"How To Escape Financial Slavery // Increase Cash Flow To Invest // Paying Off Debt With Low Income." Youtube, 15 may 2017 “How To Escape Financial Slavery || Increase Cash Flow To Invest || Paying Off Debt With Low Income.” YouTube, YouTube, 15 May 2017,

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Palaces, Historic Royal. “The Tower of London Poppies.” YouTube, YouTube, 18 Dec. 2014,

mikey1539. “Gilligan's Island Hamlet.” YouTube, YouTube, 9 Sept. 2014,

Those that are my Beliefs, Writings at Issue, Issue Stated, Legal Argument, Supporting Documents, Block quotes, Writings, Best Copy; Any errors, misstatements, typos, omissions are without malicious intent and I will correct if contacted; if I agree they are mistakes. 

“Belief, Legal Definition of A sense of conviction about the truth of an idea that lies somewhere between “suspicion” and “knowledge.” Belief has been described as being entirely a subjective condition or state of mind as a result of evidence or information received from others. It has been defined as an actual conclusion drawn from information, a conclusion arrived at from external sources after weighing various probabilities, a conviction of the truth of a given proposition, or an alleged fact based on grounds insufficient to constitute positive knowledge. The meaning “belief” and its distinction from “fact” and “knowledge” are very important in the administration of justice.” (Page 120, Reader’s Digest Family Legal Guide).

Jul 25, 2017 - "Even if all of the premises are true in a statement, inductive reasoning allows for the conclusion to be false. ... Inductive reasoning has its place in the scientific method. Scientists use it to form hypotheses and theories. Deductive reasoning allows them to apply the theories to specific situations. During the scientific process, deductive reasoning is used to reach a logical true conclusion. Another type of reasoning, inductive, is also used. Often, people confuse deductive reasoning with inductive reasoning, and vice versa. It is important to learn the meaning of each type of reasoning so that proper logic can be identified."


Christmas Shopping Mall Shop Online is Okay, but pay local sales tax, and maybe a 

 federal sales tax, You making one man, Amazon, China's Puppet, and China trillionaires, and putting your local Community out of Business (Kmart, Sears, and Toys-r-Us local jobs lost, local sales taxes pay for schools, roads, local economic expansion, business parks, work training, employee retraining, broadband, internet in rural areas, replacement  business incentives, food programs, and medical expansion programs, loss of sales revenue for local regions and state, getting all those homeless people off the street that are losing more benefits and jobs, etc.)

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American Veteran's Day 11/11/2019 On US 2

Enjoyed Dinner with Family, Veterans, and my Great Aunt Faye in North Carolina had her 95th Birthday Party over the weekend. Great Aunt Faye was my mother's father's brother's, Johnny's Wife. Johnny was a Preacher and they toured churches and Great Aunt Faye sung. Lot of People there, some 200. Thanks Denny's for breakfast, thank you Applebee's for lunch, and South Point my favorite, but I did switch up and eat at a Boyd Casino. Las Vegas Veteran's Day Parade had a lot of folks. A manager at White Castle refused to honor Veterans Day Honorary Meal 1 - 6; but a swift complaint on the Corporate Website got that reversed. Thanks Corporate White Castle. I missed you at Golden Coral Monday, since Veteran's day fell on Monday this year. Remember Veterans, Twin Peaks is the place to go for that last Veterans' late night celebration, nice girls and guys, football and plenty of sports on the tubes. Thanks for those that went the distance to support Veterans with a smile. Rod. 11/12/2019