222 THE CHOSEN, GOD'S MESSENGER in the search for christ


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Grown Folks Presidential Library located in United States of America. Tour open today.  

Kids have their own Web site. Now Grown-folks have theirs. Not a kid anymore. No thanks. Sorry, you not educated enough on the issues to get on this site yet. Read a little more. Get back. This Website is a destination and tailored for Grown Folk, Rod. If you are not Grown, 18+, you may ask your mom, your dad, or your grown-guardian(s) first, are you grown enough, before touring this site.                                                          

Today wraps it up. 09/17/2018


So what is Doctheshow.com?

The Father of Social Media, he thinks he is. Saw the whole internet as one big show. Each link putting on its own show at the other end independently, unattached, set apart, representing freedom of the Internet, by such a incomplex Website link. Each show a single Channel. In that since, of course not literally, pick a Channel to click to.

Those Guitars are links to Music of the 60s, 70s, and 80s mostly. Mostly Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Christian Rock, and Southern Rock (6+7+8=21)

Those hearts are links to Music of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, mostly. Mostly Love Songs Soul Music and Gospel. (6+7+8=21)

The others are just some favorite, well at least educational for research, links that Rod has visited over time.

The Purpose of this Website Blog Portal List Rod’s favorite all-time favorite research, educational, and personal links and writings from Websites, Articles, and some of his own Created Works. Unfortunately, Rod’s Grand mom and Granddad were overcome by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia which can be hereditary.

So, like Rod, many over you want be able to find their way around the internet later in life. So he prepared this page for that time. The labels were developed to help him remember their place on the Website Blog Portal. Their aesthetics compliment his time in history, words he heard from many, people he has met over time, preserving history, culture, and some language from shows in history. 

Much of his work his designed accorded to classes he took at UNLV, Journalism and Social Media Studies; and Internet Law. 

Again, this Website Blog Portal is not made for public use, but private, but since he has to connect to the Web it is by virtue public. His hospitality won’t allow him to turn you away, so he say welcome. 

Except you trolls. Why you keep showing up? It is okay. Rod loves everybody. If you are visiting, he hopes you learned something this time that you did not know. 

If Rod is linked to you and you wish him to remove your link, please do due diligence and contact him. His address and email are on his disclaimer page. 

Thank you. Have Happy American Holidays as you enjoy your stay in America, my country. Rod. Your Country. But, you got Freedom, as long as you got class; you got, you got love. Strawberry Letter 22. 

Retrieved from: http: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0bdLdTJdKI Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter #2


Father Of Social Media Platforms

Rod was the Father of Social Media Platform Building Good Virtual Communities, a little puffery maybe. Well, he also called His The Greatest Show In The Cloud too. Hey, but 222 is Social Media in the Germatria. (Germatrix.com):

Social Media in Jewish Gematria equals: 222:s90o50c3i9a1l200m30e5d4i9a1

      Expert Background: As of 2018, Rod has spent 17 years studding, taking related courses, and building Website Portals, Internet Shows. Before Twitter, before Facebook, before Instagram, before MySpace, and before many others were created, around 2001-2002 Rod was already creating Social Media Portals, Show Platforms, Shows on the Internet. Maybe some of their ideas originated from hearing about some of Rod's original works in College. 

      In the early 2000s, Rod was taking courses at UNLV Continued Education School from Website Business owners whom shared their skills in Website 

Design, HTML Coding, tricks of the trade, and using Scripts. He took four classes on designing and creating Web pages. Even before that, in the "1980s" Rod was a Senior In High School when the first Computer Training Classes were started and implemented into his school, he signed up, even though that year he took typing, an odd elective he thought, on the old style type-writers under Ms. Cheney. She was one of his favorite teachers along with Ms. Felts in Elementary School, Glenwood. Those "run-on English sentences." He never thought those two courses would help him much in life. Of course, he was wrong. Virtual Communities are much the same. In the early 2000s, Rod got certified in paralegal studies with many substantive topics and took many international courses; International Law, International Business, etc. Many years later, he took Internet Law at UNLV from his favorite Real Estate and Law professor. He learned a lot of people around the world by studying those books.

     Rod learned how to create Virtual Communities in a 2011 course at UNLV called “Journalism and Media Studies.” An MBA intern graduate student taught the law, ethics, etiquette, and the full picture of using social media; both business and personal. She taught the class to use different platforms; naming a few, Twitter, BlogSpot, and Facebook. The main professor specialty was a new concept of building Virtual World communities that interacted like-human communities but they operated on different platforms from what she taught. Rod concept during the class was to build the Virtual Communities from what he taught using other platforms that he would choose to like in the class. In the professor’s virtual communities, we were taught not to use our real names, because in the virtual world you may not want wanting everyone knowing who you were and it was somewhere between entertainment stage names, spunky names that someone may like, and theme names. So in the virtual world, imaginary world, account names and real people are often not one in the same. These communities could also be built on Facebook or Twitter. Rod explored building the communities by using his classmates building Twitter list. His Thesis for the class was to build these communities in every Country in the world connecting regional people to other people in their region. There would be one in Europe, Africa, China, Latin America, Russia, Canada, and the list could go on, but they would connect each Community or 100,000 or so to people in their own region; but the communities would be built from America because that is where he lived. After the class ended, he expanded his Twitter list for research, personal entertainment purposes, and educational purposes. He brought more sources into his list from his college history of studding international Business, Law, and Entertainment; he knew many of the important people from reading about them from the books. He knew all the old entertainers from growing up with a passion for entertainment.

      He knew many of the new leaders in the fields from staying focused on current events and news. At one point, the list contained 100,000 or more world leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEOs, world organizations, entertainers, music producers, movie producers, unions, food hobbyist, artist, military, politicians, national and local organizations, agencies, journalist, government and regular folks like him. The list had businesses, farming, government officials, researchers of all types of information, and doctors. It had world church folks, preachers, bishops, and the Vatican. Rod chose select scholars of medicine, agriculture, sports greatest, magazines, universities, colleges, trade associations, and farmers markets for the List. The show had many television shows, many cities, tourism, all, most nations, and news networks. That was a beta test of a Web Developer Rod Jackson had thought about building in the college classroom as his thesis. This community of list was costly to build in time and no economical return. At retirement, in Rodney’s opinion, the lists were maybe 50,000 shows in one with each, a person in each list, putting on their own shows with right balance in each list to serve Rods initial purpose. Rodney knowledge made the greatest listing in the cloud. 

Of course, virtual communities can be built using different platforms, BlogSpot, Websites, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and many others. So good communities are great and serve great purposes. It is not so much the platform as it is the creator.

Father Of Social Media Platforms Childhood

Rod has been in showbiz since a young kid in elementary school. In elementary school, Glenwood Elementary, Rod played the Marquis De Lafayette, a French Commander, and had a role with George Washington. The costumes were great. The opening line for Rod, "Marquis De Lafayette here to see you, Sir." Rod writes in third-person self many times. Allen Rice played George Washington.                      

Rod entered talent shows in elementary school winning playing guitar with three friends. Two of them were guitar artists, Weldon Morris and Melinda, one sung, Ricky, performing the Eagles song Hotel California. We rocked out. Won first place in the talent show. He did military rifle drill team bit with three friends to place in the talent contest. Rod and Ricky Walker twirled riffles. Jeanette Farmer and Melinda Jones twirled batons. They won second place in the same show. They dressed as the most excellent marching band. Rod's mom always made sure everyone wore their parts. She had a little entertainment in herself. A Queen filled with love for the community. Secretary of the PTA and convenience store owner.          


In the groups, they never thought about race, two were black, and two were white on each team. There was not a lot of talk about race differences in 1970s and 1980s where Rod grew up in Virginia. Those battles were fought in the 1960s. The main bridge in the city is named after Martin Luther King Jr. for his visit and work from those years. Rod's mom was a light-skinned black American Indian; indigenous to the land of North Carolina with documented family roots back to the early 1800s. But an indigenous American Indian heritage back to the beginning of America when all man, tribes ventured from Africa to populate the world, maybe from Israel, Ethiopia, Egypt, or Cush Africa. Africa is the origination of all man. Rod's dad roots as a black America is recorded back to 1815 as a black, freeman, named George Washington Jackson whom ventured to South Boston, Virginia. But, George's dad and mom were American before that. By now, you yourself may be keen-folk to Rodney Jackson. Since, George Jackson, black, brown, white, red, light skinned, yellow, Indian, Spanish, European, Black Americans, and maybe some Asians or Africans have married into George Jackson family tree and branched out all across America for over 200 years. Rod played drums at Blairs Junior High but eventually drop out of the band in High School. Rod worked more in business when he got older. He learned the trade of being in business at an early age. Humble. Well, it is okay to have some pride. Set a high standard and see can you do what no one else could do until your point of time in life. In High School, Rod voted class Vice-President and the most likely to achieve something. He was King.


Rod could not beat his sister in basketball in high school; of course she was a superstar playing ball. Rod did not become of such status until about the end of his second year in the Air Force. He was picked number 10 or 11, not at all, in 10 man pickup his first year. After 4 to 15 hours a day, 7 days a week on the court, weight room, track late at night, horse, one on one, one on three, make it take it, who ever got the ball was defended by up to nine players while waiting to get a ten man game started, half-court, full-court, playing those boys from New York and North Carolina, Rod reached the status of being picked one or two first on teams. They called him the "Big Man" or those that knew he called him "Big Jack." He had hops and could dunk at 6'3 and 3/4, dribble the guard position, or play the short power forward or center; and could shoot the three pointer; swish nothing but net or that bank-shot that they called luck you can't do it twice, but Rod could, it was pint-point precision. His team won Squadron playoffs. His future wife of ten years, was at one of Rod's first base team games for that year and he took the first shot; a long three. She said, his coach jumped up to toss him from the game for that long three, but it hit, so the coach left him in; so she married him. They later happily divorced in good spirits. His Nephew was of good genes, 6'11 or so and went on to do what Rod never dreamed of doing; playing in the NBA. Good luck. Hook a brother up.                              

He attended evening and Night College at Community College of Southern Nevada while in the military. He tackled his toughest subject, English Essay Writing, by taking loads of English writing courses. 

This is a wonderful day for Rod's last post on this Website: 12/20/2018. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Rod.