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Final King and Queen Studies, Pictures: The Art of Winning Wars

If you do not imaginary-yourself, and prepare yourself, as the Kings and Queens of Tomorrow, then someone else will.

Happy Holidays Troopathon Around The World, Find a Base

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2020 Dem DebateStage  "Know-Yang" Economics Bernie knows Insurance Co.(s) 

American MLK would never said: elect me because I'm a woman, I'm of color, I'm white, young, or not old; we wouldn't either.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skinbut by the content of their character.” — Martin Luther King Jr. Retrieved from:

This year in Las Vegas, I see more than ever older disabled women and men seniors living on the street at night. Vegas stopped working with ice, but these are white and black displaced workers that will soon be rounded up and maybe placed in Vegas prison.

Judging by Character starts here:

Okay, you prayed to Jesus; they prayed for you, No time for Law School, You do not have to be a lawyer, to know about law, now you going to need some Basic Law Studies Every Week; get started now, 1 million non-lawyers with law knowledge, Holy Jesus, Jesus was innocent, lets defend him this time, get started learning law before you need it, you can't afford that lawyer, so be the next best thing around the house, put that video game down for some real fun; start learning your young kids law, they smart enough: 1 2 3 4 5 6 

Family Law 1 2 3 Yea, learn that child law, maybe they will stop fighting so much and you won't have to do those jail house visits. Yea, that white man wrote some good stuff, law, constitution, and today you can operate equally under it, if you know it, but you got to love it to harness it. Be proud to know the law, your rights under the law, and when those in charge start breaking the law to oppress you. Many Third world countries lack two things: law and the lack of corrupt governments not stealing money under the law; 
not paying government bills, but putting the money in personal pockets, keeping the 
majority population, you, eventually, product of third world. The future jobs are those
who know law and business.


It's back:

Criminal Enterprise or Team Health 2020: Las Vegas VA, Medicare, Sunrise Hospital, UMC, UNLV Medical Sch

Somebody always going to need to know law and someone to sell food. Look at those
fat kids of yours in school today without physical education. Miserable, when they get 
older and fatter and fatter, just because the government want to save a dime. 

Yea, I called you fat. I was a little fat myself. Hit that gym, start running around the 
apartment, do 50 sit-ups, and 50 jumping jacks a day, 20 push-ups, all in your own

home, if your doctor okays it. Jobs to work the fat off. Get fit today before you get old folks age and miserably fat. 


Seven Businesses that you may be able to start, hustle in on the side, with High School

 Degree or Drop out? Hey, I have heard that some of these folks make more than your boss  or those with College Degrees; then some loss money and go out of business too?

Food Concession Stand (Food Truck

Operating a Car wash out of a Truck; Trunk of Car 

Farmer's Market Sales 

Flea Market Sales

 1 What to sell    

2 eBay 

3 Fruit

Get Your Business Legal 1 2 3 


List of Trades / Vocational Schools

Online Business 

Landscaping, Cutting Grass Lawn 1 2 3

Jesus and his Father, Joseph, were skilled Carpenters; trained in building things

anything. that wraps it up. 8/01/2019. Rod