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Theft of America, Emblematic of a Real Problem, One Rhetorical Symbolism Commentary

Metaphorical Prose by Rod

American Greatness was built from One Official Dollar and Communication, American Official

Language: English 

(The minimum, at least you could do, becoming an American Citizen, is Learn to properly communicate in the American English Language during your lifetime for all sake; God's Gematria is English for America; those have failed, going against God's Will; has left Leaders with a 25 Trillion Dollar Economic Catastrophe outsourcing.) 

Foreign Governments have diverted the Wealth Of American, by Foreign Language bi-lingual having Foreign Interest in this American Country, gaining such Government positions, rather than paying off American's Interest, overthrown America stealing its Wealth not paying bills (, nor setting up reasonable parameters to pay such National Debt back to Americans, overpaying themselves too much with money that is not there, not theirs, borrowing $50,000 - $100,000 from the Government as salaries, maybe that includes your glorified salary too, others signing glorificated contracts of Wealth $20 million, $30 million, too $300,000, to fill the pockets of less than 10%, maybe the %1; stolen money, rhetorically speaking, from Americans, ( The Corporations not paying the national debt, all the free money they got laundered through the American People from State and Congressional Bills, are the very people that blindly in awe, wonder-struck, as if it was them as they say “my” team and “me” favorite player is really "me" sporting a jersey to convince others that that is “me”; at such payoffs, or should I call them payouts to cover up the theft bolstered about at halftime. The free money drying up, languages pushing Americans in the streets to live homeless in the West; then those that changed the language to Spanish Speaking only, mostly, some Asian, and maybe a few others, assuming such position as police, prison guards, medical workers cheating Americans out of their benefits with fraud, arresting those Americans pushed into the streets, covering up the fraud, and the large number of Americans, old black and white Americans, Social Security, Veteran Disability, Medicare recipients, many paid for through their life-service, many paid into, as one grudgingly say “thank you for your service” but mostly it’s just the $50,000 to $200,000 salary paid them that makes them utter that smirk, and the bonus received for defrauding you out of your earned benefits, muted.

I read in the paper,, that maybe as high as 15% of jails filled with people criminalized disenfranchised from working, promised benefits, and equality of wealth, because someone made it to the top and changed the Language in the workplace to Spanish Speaking only, mostly, and made them homeless. Many can speak English, as bilingual, as dreamers, as college grads, as managers, but choose not to discriminate against other Americans in the public work places, public school yards, and public board rooms. "Others" non-latin with diminished advancing in the promotional ladder of work and education in such discriminatory environments. Quietly the "sign the other box" non-Latino, are kept on the bottom ladder, lower than the 16 years old, even though they are more qualified in an equitable Environment of American English, Language of the writers of the Constitution. Thirteen Colonies were United, by the way, Rod has thirteen pairs of ribs, instead of twelve, "The United States of America" later came. "A Country Now Divided" by a common Language of English mostly, while foreigners from other countries attempt to overthrow the English Language; overthrow America.

A system moving out of California, annexing Las Vegas, per say, too small town America. Not taking care of the founders that created this great land, the American Elders. “Between 2008 and 2017, more than 450,000 people moved from California to Nevada” 

Protest of arresting Homeless people sleeping on the streets, "Poor is not a Crime" many signs waved as they chanted in Downtown, Las Vegas on the late evening of January 20, 2020, Martin Luther King's Birthday.

American's won the French-American War to speak English, won the Spanish-American war to speak English, won the German-Japan wars to speak English. American's have gotten too soft, too fat to win anymore, it is slowly not speaking English. A new generation that can't dance, I mean get funky, not that dancing with the stars old folks rehearsal stuff, I mean America 60s 70s 80s get down on it white folk and black folk dancing. It is time for an Official Language: English to prevent these future wars from those who wish to overthrow America. It’s not about white, it’s about speaking the common Language of the Land, English. A college degree is worthless attained in English, if a group decide to change your workforce language to Spanish; you become dumber than the 16 year old speaking the changed language. Your degree worthless. 

History Setting up an English Speaking Patriotic Work Force throughout America has become a Critical Necessity to

America’s Survival. Different Languages speaking in the Workforce have failed Americans’ pride to pay the debt. What good is an extra million to someone with $500,000 who shows no pride to support the Country he took the $500,000 from? America has bigger problems than theft of an Election, it is the theft of $25 Trillion

Dollars, Theft of America, Emblematic of a Real Problem, One Rhetorical Symbolism Commentary

Metaphorical and Satirical Prose.

3 Block Quotes:

“Business necessity is defined as ‘an overriding legitimate business purpose such that the language restriction  is necessary to the safe and efficient operation of the business, that the language restriction effectively fulfills  the business purpose it is supposed to serve, and there is no alternative practice to the language restriction  that would accomplish the business purpose equally well with a lesser discriminatory impact.”



“Guidelines on English Only Rules in the Workplace

1. Even English Only Rules are presumed to be discriminatory. That means the Employer has the burden of establishing through evidence that speaking English as a common language is needed for the employer to operate safely and efficiently. If you make an English Only Rule you may be called upon to establish a factual basis that speaks to:

⦁ evidence of safety justifications

⦁ evidence of other business necessity such as supervision or effective communication with clients

⦁ likely effectiveness of the rule in carrying out the objectives

⦁ English proficiency of workers affected by the rule

2. Note the difference between “English Only” versus “No Spanish” rule. A rule that prohibits some but not all foreign languages in a particular workplace setting would be unlawful. If there is a genuine need for speaking English only in the workplace, make sure that it what your rule states and enforces. Don’t single out the prohibition of any particular language but do focus on the requirement to speak only English.

3. A valid English Only Rule should be narrowly tailored to address the provable business necessity, i.e., safety requirements, while serving clients, while operating heavy equipment. It should apply to performing duties of a job, not locale or time.

State when it does apply. Limit its application to performing the job function of concern.

State when it does not apply. It should apply to casual, social, or personal conversations. Not required during breaks, lunch

4. It should fully explain the consequences if rule is not followed and ensure that proper notice is given to ensure that the employees understand the rule thoroughly, when it takes effect, as well as the consequences of not following the rule.

Summary Points to keep in mind...

If it is determined that an English Only Rule can be justified for safety or business necessity, follow these tips:

1. Use clear, simple language likely to be understood by your employees.

2. Announce rule in a manner that promotes understanding of the rule like at a staff meeting where employees can raise questions about it.

3. State when the rule will take effect.

4. State what will happen if the rule is not followed.

Prepared by the UIC Office for Access and Equity”

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"English-Only Language Policy in the Workplace

                                    What defines a “business necessity?”

Here are the EEOC’s guidelines on having an English-only policy at work:

A rule requiring employees to speak only English in the workplace at all times, including breaks and lunch time, will rarely be justified.

An English-only rule should be limited to the circumstances in which it is needed for the employer to operate safely or efficiently.

Circumstances in which an English-only rule may be justified include: communications with customers or coworkers who only speak English; emergencies or other situations in which workers must speak a common language to promote safety; cooperative work assignments in which the English-only rule is needed to promote efficiency.

Even if there is a need for an English-only rule, an employer may not take disciplinary action against an employee for violating the rule unless the employer has notified workers about the rule and the consequences of violating it.

Some states have stricter rules than others when it comes to an English-only language policy, so it’s important to comply not only with the EEOC, but also with individual states."

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Christmas Shopping Mall Shop Online is Okay, but pay local sales tax, and maybe a

 federal sales tax, You making one man, Amazon, China's Puppet, and China Trillionaires,

 and putting your local Community out of Business (Kmart, Sears, and Toys-r-Us local jobs

 lost, local sales taxes pay for schools, roads, local economic expansion, business parks,

 work training, employee retraining, broadband, internet in rural areas, replacement

 business incentives, food programs, and medical expansion programs, loss of sales revenue

 for local regions and state, getting all those homeless people off the street that are losing

 more benefits and jobs, etc.)

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