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Rod's Favorite Links

Welcome. Rod's Homepage. This is a Homepage and 7-page Passive Private NonForProfit Website.

Clicking on the second Page: Rod's Favorite Links; takes you to a nicely arranged page with 500 or so links to Rod's favorite sites that made him so smart.)

Rod has five Investigative Journalism writings and a few other writing on this Website Blog:             Tax Day / Scumbags       Rod's Op'ed Twitter Congress      $extortion, Man Survivors                        Answer: Russian Conspiracy Theory Hoax      Rod explain why he thinks Ford Case is a Con                       The Cosby Verdict    The Resistance Page, The Real First Purge        Baptism 
Question 1, Michael's Judgment, falsely accused man Victims, Court, they did Jesus

             Grown Folks Presidential Library located in United States of America. Tour open today.                    

Kids have their own Web site. Now Grown-folks have theirs. Not a kid anymore. No thanks. Sorry, you not educated enough on the issues to get on this site yet. Read a little more. Get back. This Website is a destination and tailored for Grown Folk, Rod. If you are not Grown, 18+, you may ask your mom, your dad, or your grown-guardian(s) first, are you grown enough, before touring this site.                                                          

Today wraps it up. 09/17/2018

So what is Doctheshow.com?

The Purpose of this Website Blog Portal List Rod’s favorite all-time favorite research, educational, and personal links and writings from Websites, Articles, and some of his own Created Works. Unfortunately, Rod’s Grand mom and Granddad were overcome by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia which can be hereditary.

So, like Rod, many over you want be able to find their way around the internet later in life. So he prepared this page for that time. The labels were developed to help him remember their place on the Website Blog Portal. Their aesthetics compliment his time in history, words he heard from many, people he has met over time, preserving history, culture, and some language from shows in history.

Much of his work his designed accorded to classes he took at UNLV, Journalism and Social Media Studies; and Internet Law.

Again, this Website Blog Portal is not made for public use, but private, but since he has to connect to the Web it is by virtue public. His hospitality won’t allow him to turn you away, so he say welcome.

Except you trolls. Why you keep showing up? It is okay. Rod loves everybody. If you are visiting, he hopes you learned something this time that you did not know.

If Rod is linked to you and you wish him to remove your link, please do due diligence and contact him. His address and email are on his disclaimer page.

Thank you. Have Happy American Holidays as you enjoy your stay in America, my country. Rod. Your Country. But, you got Freedom, as long as you got class; you got, you got love. Strawberry Letter 22. 

Retrieved from: http: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0bdLdTJdKI Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter #2