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Christmas Shopping Mall 
Shop Online is Okay, but pay local sales tax, and maybe a federal sales tax, You making one man and China Trillionaires, and putting your local Community out of Business (Kmart, Sears, and Toys-r-Us local jobs lost, local sales taxes pay for schools, roads, local economic expansion, business parks, work training, employee retraining, broadband, internet in rural areas, replacement business incentives, food programs, and medical expansion programs, loss of sales revenue for local regions and state, getting all those homeless people off the street that are losing more benefits and jobs, etc.)
Retrieve more: https://www.tennessean.com/story/opinion/2017/01/30/online-dealers-need-pay-sales-tax/96486020/
Retrieve more: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/supreme-court/supreme-court-rules-states-can-require-online-retailers-collect-sales-n873416

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1/22/2019 Post
Unless you are President, stop talking about how bad Presidents are doing. Yea. You will never be President, you unqualified little piece....sitting on your...just running off at the lip. Trump should end  The Wall shutdown. In every good battle, you have to know when to retreat from little skirmishes, and focus on winning the big picture, Retreat today and fight another day. Greatest War Movie (Repent, Repent) Keep Dancing and Playing and Drawing and Writing and Imagining and Story-boarding.

                                                 Season 12 - God - 21

The anti-capitalist Socialist. Many times are wealthy people that made money off capitalism, advantaged protected by a good police force, and stay in America because of the secure blanket of a great military? But, they teach you to be anti-capitalist. Capitalism is for them, the rich. While derogating you to stay on the bottom with handouts, standing in food lines, and begging for them to take care of you. If they taught you how to run your own business in High School, if you ran your own business, you would move to the top, who is to stop you, if you joined the police force, you would control your communities, if you joined the military, you would own your own nation, America. You would own move to an ownership role, instead of a slave-mind-socialist role blaming “Whitey.” See, now you would be “Whitey.” You were set free a long time ago. Now, it’s time you lose your socialist slave-minds. Over 2000 years hid text books from slaves so they stayed slaves, now you won’t read, so you now keep yourselves slaves. Read the right books, text books, instruction manuals, comic books and manga books hinder that growth out of slavery. You be President.

  More Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCsCatvigtw
Get out for the MLK Weekend, and Monday, for Activities, Service, and Parades.

or spend the day at home, around the couch, or in bed, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a late night snack, right here with your favorites; and listen to Doctor King, himself: 

Cold in Vegas today. Real Feel 48 degrees. Cloudy. Windy. The Hawk is Out. Afternoon Rain.                But it is Sunny right now. WoooWeee. Some Live-streaming this one: they having a lot of fun. That's what important.

or spend it visiting MLK Statute, Martin Luther King Jr. Monument, in Washington D.C. today.

1/21/2019 Post

Year 2019 (19 + 2 = 21) Maximum Worldwide Eclipse Time: 12:12 AM Eastern 1/21/2019 (9 2s & 1s)


More Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RzNWf_p620        1/20/2019 - 1/21/2019

1/20/2019 Post

Trumpman gave a nice Speech for MLK Weekend on the United States of America Christian Conservative Values, as a Nation, God, equality, freedom, civil rights, human rights, relief for criminals' illegals in the United States, protecting God's Nation, and then thanking God. Of course he talked about a Wall for economical purposes: you pay $50,000 for this guy to stop this guy from crossing border, you pay $30,000 to house this person if for a year once this guy paid $50,000 does not stop him, you pay $80,000 for a Judge to hear his case, $60,000 for a public defender to fight his case, $5000 because he went to the hospital, $3,000,000 cause his child caught the flu and died when treatment did not work, $3,000,000 when that person may decide that they do not want to work or can not find work and become a thug and get a ten year sentence for robbing or breaking into someone's home, or because they took someone else job that person ends up doing this 10 year sentence, then you send him back to Mexico, and the process starts over the next year by that person showing some more friends how to and crossing over one street, a street of desert, a street of river or water, back into America. A Wall after built; you pay nothing. It pays for itself in economic savings. Legal immigration is a good thing; illegal is not a good choice, but many make it, risk it, for the economical returns: wages.

Visit USADebtClock.com to learn more!


Trumpman, you thanking so and so; is legitimizing so and so testifying for a very corrupt investigation; framing in my opinion. Scumbag should give his full testimony in writing 10 days prior to testimony for investigation and rebuttal questions or its just a Kangaroo Court scripted framed testimony like Comey did. Oh, I cannot answer that question because my attorney said so, which such A Body of Hearing has no legitimacy for truth finding,  in trials, for fact finding with no real cross-examinations, real rebuttal evidence or statements presented, or penalty for past perjury; or present perjury with immunity and no criminal penalty for witnesses or potential witnesses to anything not answering questions. The kind of Injustice that made people march in the sixties, 60s.

Yes Mr. King was a Christian Conservative. Happy Birthday Sir. He said, do not Judge him "Black" but Judge him by the content of what he say; his character, the way he act. I say again, "The Way He Act" and not "His Color Black."

http://www.drmartinlutherkingjr.com/thethreedimensionsofacompletelife.htm "Two men came by and they just kept going. And then finally another man came, a member of another race, who stopped and helped him. (Oh yeah) And that parable ends up saying that this good Samaritan was a great man; he was a good man because he was concerned about more than himself. (Oh yeah)"

More Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=dDDWGLi4ves

I caught a few minutes of MSNBC while flicking channels this morning. One of those nappy head that don't cut their hair sticking all over the place was in a tri-split screen with two brothers with descent haircuts. The Radical was going on about Racist NFL, and the brother with the good hair told him, or asked him, how can the NFL be racist when they hire 80% black and pay them the top salaries among black employed in America? Dread Head answered, look he had two Master Degrees. The good hair brother told him that yea, "and you need a third."

For King Service Day, for daughters that need good conservative men, get a haircut, Americans in the sixties, seventies, eighties, or 90s, did not walk around with nappy heads. Yes, I will watch the Big Game; but, Redskins are my team; since a child. I think the brother with the receding hairline still looks better before putting that mega-hair on his head. Afros are still cool and loved by the ladies when in shape and touched up. Na. Rod do not like long dread hair even if they do shake like a Rock Star when you dance.

More Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glwc2rDFHFo

More Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLEP_eaxo-s

Moe Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEIaeIK-cks

More Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=f0bdLdTJdKI

1/20/2019 Post
Black, White, Red, Brown, Yellow, lighter skin and darker skin, and in the Middle Americans in the sixties, seventies, eighties, and 90s built America and We carried American Flags as ownership. MLK Weekend, do not stand beside a King, be a King:

More Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFhcR362RyE

1/14/2019 Post
Black History Month starts February. But, I am so done with color history month, now everybody want a colorful history Heritage month, Latino, Asian, Pacific Asian, Indian, Irish, Jewish, Disability, Women, Gay is now a color, you know you goanna call White History Month racist when it gets announced. Rod has named December Christmas History Month, Rod's prefer African History Month renamed to Black History Month, or July cookouts would be a good month, August can followup with White History month, those statutes might slide in and be okay as a part of White History, as well as America History, and January could be American Heritage month; still open. Read some good exposes and American History on Black History and other Heritage Months/ There is enough room to be different. YES, for you to call a group of people or party "old white men" is brown*red*yellow*black*peach skin racism innuendo against White Americans and all Americans fueling racism yourselves; you judged too as racist in the end; repent, time is near. Let the Sun shine in. The Lord Shine in. God's family tree is mixed race of different races under one Sun.



More Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjxSCAalsBE

“Sensing the Cultural Nervous System - Astrology for Aquarius Season & the Leo Full Moon and TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE - January 20, 2019.” Embodied Astrology, www.embodiedastrology.com/horoscopes/2019/aquariusseason. "Leo is the sign of the king, or ruler, and Aquarius is the sign the people. ""The nature of eclipses is cyclical. They occur in pairs–a lunar and solar eclipse will happen “back-to-back” or at a full and new moon that follow each other (and vice versa.)""2016 August 18 - LUNAR Eclipse 25º Aquarius 2017 February 10 - LUNAR Eclipse 22º Leo August 7 - LUNAR Eclipse 15º Aquarius August 21 - Total SOLAR Eclipse 28º Leo 2018 January 31 - Total LUNAR Eclipse 11º Leo February 15 - SOLAR Eclipse 27º Aquarius July 27 - Total LUNAR Eclipse 4º Aquarius August 11 - SOLAR Eclipse 18º Leo 2019 January 21 - Total LUNAR Eclipse 0º Leo"
1/14/2019 Post
Hey Teresa May, well I love that month, tell Parliament to write the deal, you rubber stamp it, bam, its done. Brexit. You are a free nation again. Retrieve more at: https://www.newsy.com/stories/uk-lawmakers-set-to-vote-on-theresa-may-s-brexit-plan/ 

Retrieved from: 


Gilligan's Island Hamlet


Hey Gilligan, this Country has lost its Sovereignty! This is what the American Congress Created over the last 30 Years with globalism. If someone had shutdown Government 30 years ago, including Congress, can someone do that, would America be a lot better off. Today, what are they doing off on weekends with Bills and Resolution taking priority over this https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/ balance the debt or no pay for Congress bill; "Balance the Budget or Shut it down" National Emergency.

https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/04/12/house-fails-advance-balanced-budget-amendment-counter-high-spending-levels/508665002/ What is a couple of Billion, or 30 Billion for a wall, when America pay more interest to China than that. China got a wall "Forbes’ number -- $73.9 million a day in interest payments to China" https://www.quora.com/How-much-interest-per-month-is-America-paying-to-China-on-the-debt $1, 993, 341, 650, 000 Two trillion each year+ 

Bottom line in layman terms: Investor Class, yes, no matter how many Congress fo the po, they still probably are in the Investor class https://tradingeconomics.com/stocks diverting funds into other funds or into, no taxes or no tariffs, zero or near zero interest reserve, commercial, and bank loans, on this or that, everybody get rich, their funds, not so fast. This is like running a sham business, stealing all the profits off the top, planning to close the business, paying no or very little bills, or even borrowing money against the Business, America, with the intention of closing it; just enough to keep the lights on and the front door open; you pay. So, today, every American man, woman, and child stuck with about $67, 000 from the sham, but nobody told you that as an American. That's like someone eating at a 5 star restaurant and billing you; staying in a five star hotel, then, bill you again, build a second home, and bill your kids, then go on Hawaii vacation and bill your grandma. While you live in a one bedroom, eating fast food, visiting the food bank each month, pay check to pay check, now come to find out, someone billed you $67,000 without asking you.

2030, They may have fled the country and now China want you to pay your American Debt which yours may exceed $100,000 by then; or else, they may think they have ownership of American Assets, land, equipment, oil reserves, government, water, ports, etc. and America is insolvent as a nation. 

If you are investor class, they can pay that off, but they stuck with $180,000, but what do they do about you, when the sham, globalism, the dollar collapses? What do they do with you? Some have calculated the date moved up to 2030 in America. Well, in other Countries' history, they generally have had, created out of debt necessity, wars and hope about half the population kill off the other half, and take that half of the wealth and pay off the debt. Well, maybe not so simple. But, globalist know what they are doing and do it well. Just do not you be the fool to keep escalating your end; your own demise, your own death, tricked by someone a lot smarter than you. Chill with your politics. Go out and dance a little. Urge Congress to balance the budget, the sham is up. Watch that Gilligan clip. Do not you keep walking as a Gilligan. Maybe if there is no wall, and about 300,000,000 more people can become American Citizens quick, jump the fence, and come on over, then your debt is cut in half, $35,000, maybe. If that is any concession. But, they may add even more to the debt if they seek American earned benefits. Your goal is to get out of debt, be able to invest, money making you money, and make enough money to pay the debt and live at your level of want. Rod disagree with some; debt is needed and there can be good debt; debt can be good: 

This video disagrees, but affirms the National Debt may be bad debt or good debt. The Video is a good learning tool to understand how it works. It is called the American Debt Slave, The Big Con:                                                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTYogN7pQ4M

During Rod's twenty years of research, he put people together to recognize what the problems or divides were and then offer solutions to those divides; to bring peace and solutions to problems is good research. If you never put people together with differences in opinion to recognize problems, or try to stifle one sides or the other opinions, then you never can solve the problems because you become ignorant of the real over-riding problems. Be a Peace Maker. God will show you the Light.

You see every dollar that Congress make people pay on the debt; the less you, your child, your elderly parent, and your unborn child, are stuck with as an American. In Rod's opinion, every one that is American should pay at least one dollar to show that everyone benefiting pledges allegiance to this Great Country, called America. So, every year, you at least voluntarily pay $1 from the poorest man or woman; too the wealthiest, over pay this year. Our military should pay none. They sacrifice enough.

Retrieved from: usdebtclock.org (A link to the screen shot has been linked to the picture.)

Ronald Reagan Warned Us About NWO & Agenda 21, 1964, 50 years and still fooling the public. "There is no LEFT OR RIGHT."
“Ronald Reagan Warned Us About NWO & Agenda 21.” YouTube, YouTube, 21 Nov. 2016, www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXM9ltLOq2o

Maybe Part of Investment Class, Some Democrat or maybe a Republican, for the New World Order to Work, American finances have to be destroyed, would benefit greatly from destroying all Company Given Insurance and Private Insurance carriers, (1) it would accelerate the collapse of America to assume more debt (2) It would increase profits for investment class by removing, a lot already, and now the rest of, the Social Responsible Corporation who gives its employees decent insurance. (3) Everyone gets poor insurance, I guess, except Congress. The G'Man investigation needs to expand to whose doing what to destroy America, maybe? Instead of focusing on Russia. Will the people destroying America's finances get labeled treasonous Con Artist? By Who? Inside jobbers' doing a lot of damage to America. America's economy? Snake oil Salespersons; Study Business and Gain some Social Responsibility as a candidate, as a Congress Person; as an investigator; buying Votes with fanciful promises. Pay this debt off before you keep making those fanciful promises each election cycle. There is a legal name for what you are doing! More On Currency and the Value of the Dollar:

Venezuela slashes currency's value by 96 percent on 22/08/2018 More information:
The push by third-worlders, to make American #1 Medicine a Third-World-Cuba System. MATWC.

Election Prediction: 
2020 America will not become, pretend to be, or wear, Make America Third World Hats "MATW."        American thinks upper-class yes even poor American can have a lot of class and strive to be Number 1.

More information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvDX30jwHYA
Study.com, Study.com, study.com/academy/lesson/the-levels-of-corporate-social-responsibility.html "Most companies do not start as socially-responsible companies  / In fact, the path to embracing corporate social responsibility consists of four different levels that companies progress through that will benefit their stakeholders. Corporate Social Responsibility And the winner of the most socially-responsible company in the world is… Pear Products. Pear Products is a global manufacturer and retailer for products, such as tablets, laptops, desktops and smartphones. Should Pear Products be excited about this honor? Yes! Companies need to gain customer respect, differentiate themselves from the competition and nurture their stakeholder relationships. This is accomplished by companies through the adaptation of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which is the use of a business's resources to help solve social problems and achieve social goals. In this lesson, you will learn the levels of corporate social responsibility through the case study of Pear Products. Let's see how Pear Products began the journey. Level One: Economic Responsibility Pear Products was not always known for stellar socially-responsible programs. In fact, the early years found the company struggling to just survive. The first level of corporate social responsibility begins with economic responsibility, which focuses on a company's obligation to fulfill consumers' needs with products and services. In addition, a company [government should have] has a duty to provide the goods and services at a fair price and produce a profit." More Topics for World Class Leaders and Great America:
Browse by Courses  
Business Courses  Business Ethics Courses  Management Courses  Leadership Courses
Transferable Credit Courses   Improving Internal Customer Service  Building a High Performance Team
Sales and Marketing: Help & Review    How to Positively Influence Others in the Workplace
Developing Strong Customer Service Skills       Email Marketing 101: Intro to Email Marketing
Human Resources 101: Intro to Human Resources  How to Write a Speech   Money Management: Help & Review
NES Business Education (309): Practice & Study Guide   Building Constructive Relationships with Your Employees
Managing a Virtual Team   Setting Yourself Up for Success at a New Job    Browse by Lessons
Receptive Roles in Communication Situations   Performing Arts: Characteristics & Functions
1st Amendment Free Speech: Definition & Major Cases    Writing for Diverse Purposes & Mediums
Constructing & Conveying Meaning in Non-print Texts    Quiz & Worksheet - Features of Company Mission Statements
Quiz & Worksheet - Planning as a Role of Management   Quiz & Worksheet - Types of Planning
Quiz & Worksheet - Organizational Change   Quiz & Worksheet - SWOT Analysis
CEOE Marketing: Strategies & Segmentation    CEOE Marketing: Product Management
CEOE Marketing: Brand Positioning & Consumer Protection  CEOE Marketing: Pricing Strategies
CEOE Marketing: Distribution Channels
 Unfortunately, we Americans are the owners and stakeholders of Congress continual bad money-making decision-making ideas.

Visit USADebtClock.com to learn more!

1/14/2019 Post
Investigative Journalism by Rod 
Tax Day / Scumbags      Rod's Op'ed Twitter Congress      $extortion, Man Survivors             Answer: Russian Conspiracy Theory Hoax  Rod explain why he thinks Ford Case is a Con                              The Cosby Verdict     The Resistance Page, The Real First Purge       Baptism                                                                      2016/2018 Elections
Question 1, Michael's Judgment, falsely accused man Victims, Court, they did Jesus


1/12/2019 Post
Trumpman, The Greatest Government Hero Ever. The Government, 800,000 are on their longest vacation, paid vacation in History. He could sell it that way and they would love him maybe. Hey. Do not You always get paid government to be hating life, furloughs. Mr. President. You have been notified that you will only receive $10 dolla for ya wall; while they spent $13 dolla on their house wall...If you men will not give pay to build that wall for national security. Then none of us will take pay. 

Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hbIPpNKXYI

Glory No Pay

1/12/2019 Post
Here we go. Scumbag lied to get a 3 year sentence; maybe no double jeopardy. Now wants to tell the truth to Congress, to be excused for lying to them before; immunity from prosecution; so he can tell the truth to New York prosecutor, for reduction in what he did there; or does he really want to frame Trump and everyone else over what he was responsible for, or at least have on tape, leading the conversation on tape, as why he was making secret tape-recordings; but, he was out to get Trump with tape recordings before the election, after the election, and now, after the three year sentence; Now, he was trying to protect Trump asking for a zero sentence and getting three years. Okay. Come clean. Do not testify. Let us hear all the secret tape recordings.

Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=temVZGirqpE 
Dragnet - The Big Phone Call

1/12/2019 Post
Rod is doing an exploratory committee on running for President in 2020. Move over. Trumpman. He has two sure votes so far. Hey, love ya Mom. 

Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9ciHpT4WuM
The Very Best - Comedian


1/12/2019 Post

Trumpman Gave it his all. Even gave a record shutdown. Hat's off to you, Congress do not have the balls to build these walls. If China was to invade in 2030 to collect on that bad debt, unless turned around, it will be by land. Any other invasion would come from the Northern border.
2020. Build these walls. Build that wall. Build them tall. It will be a Gold-Mine opportunity waiting to happen with paid entry and export fees to pay for it; and the national debt. It is going to let more people in with short term temporary cards and fees. Not a wall. But a wall-street wall with multiple entries from shore to shore. Ship more out and ship more in with wall export fees to the South and to the North. A Nation's Security: the wall to pay for the debt. A National Security. Okay. That will cost you $3 dolla mo. Now, that's American #1. And, I am goanna name that wall after me. First thing I'm going do is build that wall.

Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcmeV83K02E
All The Kings Men

Retrieved: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hev2t_t0Rp8
Reality Check: The US National Debt Clock


1/12/2019 Post
Hope everyone around the country enjoy Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday activities next weekend. My favorite is the marching bands in Las Vegas. 10 AM Fremont Street. Monday, January, 21, 2019  

Retrieved: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mlk+parade+las+vegas+marching+bands

Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFhcR362RyE

MLK Speech: Selma - Montgomery March, 1965


Breaking the Stereo Types on Race and Religion
Before the Guitar, or maybe the father of the Guitar, was the Lyre; a Harp like instrument. King David played the Lyre. God made King David into King of the Israelite's. Here are the top 30 or so pictures of the musical instrument thousands of years ago in Africa, Egypt, and the Arabia:

Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HdDYta2Ck4&list=PLU3b_oVUCWQA0gmhj6v3n2gjc-oNe9f7o          

King David's Harp

 David played the lyre for King Saul, spiritual deliverance


Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ek_F20OoqU                               

The Ark of the Covenant

King David's father, Jessee, was relative to Christ
King David's Son was King Solomon "wiseman" that married Queen Sheba, black queen; they had son

Find more on estimated 200,000 White / Mixed Race / Black Jews / Christian Israelite's /  Hebrews that migrated to America from Ethiopia African or JerUSAlem Black Judaism Regions: 



In this video, they used words as a sign of The Ark of The Covenant to prove the none believers into believers as the The Ark of the Covenant had traveled to Ethiopia, the Holy Water. But, the sign was in the numbers. Many in History tried to read God's Numbers and failed. Oh, it happened in other religions also. They failed because they were not chosen by God. It was not Final Judgment. The one Chosen by God would himself be the Number in Final Judgment. This was Rod's story. Maybe written as a fiction to appease some. But, what a price to pay if it were not? Baptism was right. In the video, whether in Ethiopia where this group threw Holy Water out of the river on their bodies as God's Commandments or in Danville Virginia where Rod The Baptist was Baptized, Twice, as did this group throw Holy Water on their bodies from the Dan River as God's Commandments 
in 1938 or at the Jordan River where John the Baptist Baptized Jesus 2000 years ago, The Ark Of The Covenant Protected By The Water.


Gematrix.org Quote 

"The Ark of The Covenant Protected By The Water" 

in Simple Gematria equals:444:

Jesus in English Gematria equals: 444:j60e30s114u126s114



Judgment , Armageddon, Astrology, Solar Eclipse, and Blood Moons

This written by Rod and no way do you have to believe it; could be fiction?

Monday, January 21, 2019 (01, 21, 2019) Hope everyone around the country enjoy Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., a Great Decipher of Jesus, Birthday, activities on Monday. My favorite was always the Marching Bands (click to see a few) on Monday, January 21, 2019. It will be a Great Day to Repent.

Revelation 19:15 "Rod of iron" symbolizes the royal scepter of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, at his second advent; the year of the 2s.

Speaking of Jesus: “Revelation 1:14 King James Version (KJV) 14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow Revelation 1:15 King James Version (KJV) 15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace.” His feet were bronze so had to have been face bronze. The Second Coming of Christ, face could range from, Iron oxides vary in color from dark, bright yellow, deep, to rusty red. The moon turns deep red, reddish brown or rusty during eclipses.

Christ returned to sit on the thrown in 2017. “The sun [Son, Christ, the Second Coming of Christ] shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood [the Second Blood Moon fulfills that God will Judge all Nations as in Isaiah 66, the numbers, are part of the Judgment God Will Judge All Nations on. It was hidden until this time.], before the great and terrible day of the Lord [Judgment],” – Joel 2:31. {Judgment 666, racism] The Solar Eclipse of 08, 21, 2017 and 1st Blood Red Moon of 07, 27, 2018, which both dates, have the same prime numbers, are as one meaning, the sun will darken, or the son will darken. The Solar eclipse, The Omega. The beginning. The Lunar, The Alpha, The End. Judgment may be near.

The Second Coming of Christ [Judgment] Jesus is The Omega, The Beginning Isaiah 66 God Will Judge All Nations [Judgment 666, racism may not necessarily be the Judgment passed of all man, but Isaiah says the “Judgment of all Nations”] From a biblical point, a total solar eclipse is a sign, warning, from God to repent, Judgment is near, or Judgment will follow to it passes over, gives light to, shineth to, and they are to repent. At least given warning. 

The Second Coming of Christ [Judgment] Jesus is The Alpha, The End. Isaiah 66 God Will Judge All Nations [Judgment 666, racism may not necessarily be the Judgment passed of all man, but Isaiah says the “Judgment of All Nations”] The Second Coming of Christ sign is 2s. From a biblical point, a total Lunar eclipse is a sign, warning, from God Judgment is near. 07/27/2018 Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse visible shineth, from Africa, Europe, the Middle East, countries in central Asia. South America and Australia. The Second Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse is a Super Blood Moon, 01/21/2019 visible shineth across all of North America, South America and partially visible shineth in Europe and Africa. Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moons, come in pairs, either Leo or Aquarius, The Two important Lunar Eclipse, or one pair of Lunar Eclipses, in Judgment of Every Nation were 07, 27, 2018 Total Lunar Eclipse Aquarius, for the people and "Leo" sign for the King, 01, 21, 2019. The Nations are being Judged, The Kings and the People.

August 18 - LUNAR Eclipse 25º Aquarius

February 10 - LUNAR Eclipse 22º Leo
August 7 - LUNAR Eclipse 15º Aquarius
August 21 - Total SOLAR Eclipse 28º Leo

January 31 - Total LUNAR Eclipse 11º Leo
February 15 - SOLAR Eclipse 27º Aquarius
July 27 - Total LUNAR Eclipse 4º Aquarius
August 11 - SOLAR Eclipse 18º Leo

January 21 - Total LUNAR Eclipse 0º Leo

“Sensing the Cultural Nervous System - Astrology for Aquarius Season & the Leo Full Moon and TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE - January 20, 2019.” Embodied Astrology, www.embodiedastrology.com/horoscopes/2019/aquariusseason. "Leo is the sign of the king, or ruler, and Aquarius is the sign the people. ""The nature of eclipses is cyclical. They occur in pairs–a lunar and solar eclipse will happen “back-to-back” or at a full and new moon that follow each other (and vice versa.)""2016 August 18 - LUNAR Eclipse 25º Aquarius 2017 February 10 - LUNAR Eclipse 22º Leo August 7 - LUNAR Eclipse 15º Aquarius August 21 - Total SOLAR Eclipse 28º Leo 2018 January 31 - Total LUNAR Eclipse 11º Leo February 15 - SOLAR Eclipse 27º Aquarius July 27 - Total LUNAR Eclipse 4º Aquarius August 11 - SOLAR Eclipse 18º Leo 2019 January 21 - Total LUNAR Eclipse 0º Leo"

Revelation 1:16 And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword [Judgment]: and his countenance was as the sun [Son, Second Coming of Christ] shineth in his strength. Monday, January 21, 2019 (01, 21, 2019) is the Second Coming Red Moon fulling prophecy that the year of the 2s has come to the Blood Moons [Judgment]. The moon turns deep red, reddish brown or rusty during eclipses. From a biblical point, a total Lunar Eclipse is a sign, warning, from God that Judgment near.

“Revelation 1:14 King James Version (KJV) 14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow Revelation 1:15 King James Version (KJV) 15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace.”


                                    December 2, 2016 National Ocean Atmosphere Association, NOAA

After Armageddon.

Matthew 24:29 states, “Immediately after the misery of those days ‘the sun will be darkened, the moon

 will fail to give her light, the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of heaven will be shaken’. Then

 the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations of the earth will wring their hands

 as they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky in power and great splendour."

Now, Back to Armageddon. The Three in Heaven had all gathered on Earth for one purpose. God Won.

It was over. Armageddon, the most Magnificent War talked about and written about, seemingly forever,

 2000 Year War was now over. Jesus Christ Second Coming had Returned Him to the Thrown.


Armageddon is over. Many did not even know it had started, still in await and planning for such a day,

 did not understand The War of Armageddon. The War of Armageddon fought mostly in the Heavens

 and Clouds, The Supernatural War of the Mighty. You may have heard the Clashes on occasion as

 Thunder, or Saw remnants of the Sensational battles, Lightning Rods, or Clouds of the most Imaginary

 Colors, but it was a Glorious Two Thousand Year Battle for the few that could see. A few battles did

 reach the Earth over the 2000 years that you have read about in History Books or caught a movie,

 here and there, as it reincarnated on the screen; but the War so Talked about was not available to the

 human eye. It magnificently fought by many Heroes in Battles throughout time. Nevertheless, Jesus

 sets on the Thrown; The Judgment Period. Armageddon fought to keep the "Second Coming of Christ"

 from Happening.

Armageddon preceded the Judgment Period of God. Not to say to lay down your arms to Judged. To

 God, 1000 of our years is only one of his years. Therefore, Armageddon only lasted two God years.

 You will still hear Thunder, see Lighting Rods, and Cloud Colors of Great Magnitude; Heaven's Gate still

 being Guarded. Wars will still exist on Earth and Heavens Gates; but none will ever amount to

 Armageddon. It is over. You may have missed it. However, you may mistake End-Times days as

 Armageddon, but it is not, it is Just God's Judgment. However, the Book of Rod written as a fiction to

 appease many of you out there. None of this you may believe as true. Maybe.

Quote: "Armageddon in Jewish Gematria equals: 222:a1r80m30a1g7e5d4d4o50n40" Gematrix.org


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 “... the "rod of iron" symbolises the royal sceptre of the Son of God at his second advent.”

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