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Question 1, Judgment

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Question 1, Michael's Judgment, falsely accused man Victims, Court, they did Jesus

Many times a victim won't appear because they made a false allegation and will be impeached on the witness stand, they have filed a false police report and the investigators have discovered it, contradictory evidence, and the victim will be charged with filing a false police report, or there was not enough evidence, insufficient evidence, to prove that the victim's accusation happened, no place, no time, no witnesses, no physical evidence, and a continued changing story, or the victim lied to damage someone's reputation for political gain, political maneuvers to stop someone from getting something they deserved, coercion, and never intended to appear in a court room; dropped charges, in any case the defendant-accused is the True-Victim from such ruthless, vindictive, cold, and calculating people. 

$extortion defined is having sex, or not, with a man, and later demanding rewards, money, or fame with an "or else" clause. 

He'll wait after the hearing next Monday with the Supreme Court to give final remarks on both or more political games, the act not so important, and the political collateral damage, maybe waiting out reaction to Cosby Sentencing on Monday was the goal, set in May for September 24, 2018, since Tuesday is good, but not Monday. Congress should keep schedule, vote on Monday Morning, to savage any hope of confirmation, if he loses, then there will be no celebratory celebration of this alleged allegation bestowed in Congress after her testimony; the truth may never be gotten to.

Yes, Rod's opinion is that Trump would be a fool to have an interview. Tape-recordings, witness corroborating stories, fabricating false testimony, planting evidence, manufacturing  or fabricating evidence, fake news and spreading discourse, where people call "suggestive review answers and opinions," a term used by business leaders as an investigative tool on an issue used in The Scientific World Journal called lies and fake news by not so business journalist each night on television, the two, term fake news, probably not admissible into a court of competence as a definable legal term, entrapment, framing, lies, secret bugs maybe, wires tapes maybe, rewarded (pay-to-play) admitted felons, phone tapes maybe, hidden secret tape recordings on people, threats of arrest, he may want to wait until after he is charged to disprove the charges.

Rod will make a couple more appearance after his retirement, speech on Russian Conspiracy Theory, Addendum Timeline Annotated Constitution of United States, Article II by Rod Jackson, now that he has seen the Time Line, somebody leaked it to New York Times September 20, 2018, Conspiracy Hoax, and full of fake news, yes it is a Hoax, they call people's differences of opinions fake, folks, an opinion is not fake news because you disagree, even the front page, the one eye, stands for Globalism, Trump and Putin are not Globalist, they both are anti-globalist, and it better supports Rod's theory over the last two years. Why is You Tube framing a lot of American musicians with one eye, is it not to frame them in New York Times conspiracy theory, why was not Wiki-leaks removed from Twitter before the 2016 Election, removed Alex Jones in a couple hours for violating policies, is it not left up to Frame Americans, who connect to a tweet, or hashtag, or direct message someone, very shaky precedents being set by owners of social media working with the government, to create conspiracies.  No, Rod is not a lawyer, and not connected to Trump Campaign, MANGA, and not part of any Russian conspiracies. He never talked to any Russians. 

The opinion is not fake. I mean what thousand things could any person get wrong; or contradictory evidence possible fabricated after one testifies where there have been any signs of bias, hostility, and corruption by investigators (leaking, conspiracy, lying, hiding exculpatory evidence, that will come out in criminal discover).

Jesus was wrongly accused, wrongly found guilty, wrongly sentenced, and wrongly executed. Equal Rights for Crime Victims; protection from criminal false accusers; God's Wrath. John 3:16

But, Rod is not a lawyer, He is a Judge.