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Happy Father's Day Dad. Dads. Happy Mother's Day Mom. Moms. Halloween Treats, Thanksgiving Turkey and Ham. Christmas Trees. New Year Eve. Love Proud American Holidays. Keep Dancin 4th July. Born Great.

Happy New Years

Welcome. Rod's Homepage.

Happy 75th Birthday Pops for all your

wonderful work and contributions to Danville: Ringgold, VA. The Ringgold

Mayor, as many call you. Dad, King of this Honky Tonk guitar lyric. A little

Puffery. A little older now but he can still pick' that guitar.                         

Now guitar players follow this simple beat:

dudun dudun dudun dudun dudun dudun dudun dudun dudun 

dudun dudundudun dudun dudun dudundunnnn and on your way.

5 4 3 2 1 January 1, 2020. DOCWorldStronge. Happy New Years. Rod.