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My Great Aunt Anna, July 2019, spent her childhood and good part of her life seeking knowledge, married,

with a Dry 

 Cleaners 30 some years. She passed last week, in peace at 91. A loving person that that we will miss, as she was the


 Jackson in our family tree.  She loved traveling and had a beautiful smile. Love.Respect your elders in life, they leave

behind a 

 legacy of knowledge.





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  Grown Folks Presidential Library located in United States of America. Tour open today.   

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Happy Thanksgiving Day from Rod, 11/28/2019.

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openings? Pull up your pants and put a belt on, ignoramus!)


Theft of America, Emblematic of a Real Problem, One Rhetorical Symbolism Commentary

Metaphorical Prose by Rod

American Greatness was built from One Official Dollar and Communication, American Official

Language: English

(The minimum, at least you could do, becoming an American Citizen, is Learn to properly communicate in the American English Language during your lifetime for all sake; God's Gematria is English for America; those have failed, going against God's Will; has left Leaders with a 25 Trillion Dollar Economic Catastrophe outsourcing.) 

Foreign Governments have diverted the Wealth Of American, by Foreign Language bi-lingual having Foreign Interest in this American Country, gaining such Government positions, rather than paying off American's Interest, overthrown America stealing its Wealth not paying bills (
https://www.usdebtclock.org/), nor setting up reasonable parameters to pay such National Debt back to Americans, overpaying themselves too much with money that is not there, not theirs, borrowing $50,000 - $100,000 from the Government as salaries, maybe that includes your glorified salary too, others signing glorificated contracts of Wealth $20 million, $30 million, too $300,000, to fill the pockets of less than 10%, maybe the %1; stolen money, rhetorically speaking, from Americans, (https://www.usdebtclock.org/). The Corporations not paying the national debt, all the free money they got laundered through the American People from State and Congressional Bills, are the very people that blindly in awe, wonder-struck, as if it was them as they say “my” team and “me” favorite player is really "me" sporting a jersey to convince others that that is “me”; at such payoffs, or should I call them payouts to cover up the theft bolstered about at halftime. The free money drying up, languages pushing Americans in the streets to live homeless in the West; then those that changed the language to Spanish Speaking only, mostly, some Asian, and maybe a few others, assuming such position as police, prison guards, medical workers cheating Americans out of their benefits with fraud, arresting those Americans pushed into the streets, covering up the fraud, and the large number of Americans, old black and white Americans, Social Security, Veteran Disability, Medicare recipients, many paid for through their life-service, many paid into, as one grudgingly say “thank you for your service” but mostly it’s just the $50,000 to $200,000 salary paid them that makes them utter that smirk, and the bonus received for defrauding you out of your earned benefits, muted.

I read in the paper, https://www.reviewjournal.com/crime/6-to-15-jailed-in-las-vegas-clark-county-are-homeless-1942314/, that maybe as high as 15% of jails filled with people criminalized disenfranchised from working, promised benefits, and equality of wealth, because someone made it to the top and changed the Language in the workplace to Spanish Speaking only, mostly, and made them homeless. Many can speak English, as bilingual, as dreamers, as college grads, as managers, but choose not to discriminate against other Americans in the public work places, public school yards, and public board rooms. "Others" non-latin with diminished advancing in the promotional ladder of work and education in such discriminatory environments. Quietly the "sign the other box" non-Latino, are kept on the bottom ladder, lower than the 16 years old, even though they are more qualified in an equitable Environment of American English, Language of the writers of the Constitution. Thirteen Colonies were United, by the way, Rod has thirteen pairs of ribs, instead of twelve, "The United States of America" later came. "A Country Now Divided" by a common Language of English mostly, while foreigners from other countries attempt to overthrow the English Language; overthrow America.

A system moving out of California, annexing Las Vegas, per say, too small town America. Not taking care of the founders that created this great land, the American Elders. “Between 2008 and 2017, more than 450,000 people moved from California to Nevada” https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/08/12/how-californians-moving-to-nevada-are-changing-the-states-politics/ 

Protest of arresting Homeless people sleeping on the streets, "Poor is not a Crime" many signs waved as they chanted in Downtown, Las Vegas https://tinyurl.com/vw8lpz7 on the late evening of January 20, 2020, Martin Luther King's Birthday.

American's won the French-American War to speak English, won the Spanish-American war to speak English, won the German-Japan wars to speak English. American's have gotten too soft, too fat to win anymore, it is slowly not speaking English. A new generation that can't dance, I mean get funky, not that dancing with the stars old folks rehearsal stuff, I mean America 60s 70s 80s get down on it white folk and black folk dancing. It is time for an Official Language: English to prevent these future wars from those who wish to overthrow America. It’s not about white, it’s about speaking the common Language of the Land, English. A college degree is worthless attained in English, if a group decide to change your workforce language to Spanish; you become dumber than the 16 year old speaking the changed language. Your degree worthless. History

Setting up an English Speaking Patriotic Work Force throughout America has become a Critical Necessity to

America’s Survival. Different Languages speaking in the Workforce have failed Americans’ pride to pay the

debt. What good is an extra million to someone with $500,000 who shows no pride to support the Country he

took the $500,000 from? America has bigger problems than theft of an Election, it is the theft of $25 Trillion

Dollars, Theft of America, Emblematic of a Real Problem, One Rhetorical Symbolism Commentary

Metaphorical and Satirical Prose.

3 Block Quotes:

“Business necessity is defined as ‘an overriding legitimate business purpose such that the language restriction

 is necessary to the safe and efficient operation of the business, that the language restriction effectively fulfills

 the business purpose it is supposed to serve, and there is no alternative practice to the language restriction

 that would accomplish the business purpose equally well with a lesser discriminatory impact.”

Visit USADebtClock.com to learn more!


“Guidelines on English Only Rules in the Workplace

1. Even English Only Rules are presumed to be discriminatory. That means the Employer has the burden of establishing through evidence that speaking English as a common language is needed for the employer to operate safely and efficiently. If you make an English Only Rule you may be called upon to establish a factual basis that speaks to:

  • evidence of safety justifications
  • evidence of other business necessity such as supervision or effective communication with clients
  • likely effectiveness of the rule in carrying out the objectives
  • English proficiency of workers affected by the rule

2. Note the difference between “English Only” versus “No Spanish” rule. A rule that prohibits some but not all foreign languages in a particular workplace setting would be unlawful. If there is a genuine need for speaking English only in the workplace, make sure that it what your rule states and enforces. Don’t single out the prohibition of any particular language but do focus on the requirement to speak only English.

3. A valid English Only Rule should be narrowly tailored to address the provable business necessity, i.e., safety requirements, while serving clients, while operating heavy equipment. It should apply to performing duties of a job, not locale or time.

State when it does apply. Limit its application to performing the job function of concern.

State when it does not apply. It should apply to casual, social, or personal conversations. Not required during breaks, lunch

4. It should fully explain the consequences if rule is not followed and ensure that proper notice is given to ensure that the employees understand the rule thoroughly, when it takes effect, as well as the consequences of not following the rule.

Summary Points to keep in mind...

If it is determined that an English Only Rule can be justified for safety or business necessity, follow these tips:

1. Use clear, simple language likely to be understood by your employees.

2. Announce rule in a manner that promotes understanding of the rule like at a staff meeting where employees can raise questions about it.

3. State when the rule will take effect.

4. State what will happen if the rule is not followed.

Prepared by the UIC Office for Access and Equity”

Retrieved from: https://oae.uic.edu/workplace-english-only-rules/

"English-Only Language Policy in the Workplace

                                    What defines a “business necessity?”

Here are the EEOC’s guidelines on having an English-only policy at work:

A rule requiring employees to speak only English in the workplace at all times, including breaks and lunch time, will rarely be justified.

An English-only rule should be limited to the circumstances in which it is needed for the employer to operate safely or efficiently.

Circumstances in which an English-only rule may be justified include: communications with customers or coworkers who only speak English; emergencies or other situations in which workers must speak a common language to promote safety; cooperative work assignments in which the English-only rule is needed to promote efficiency.

Even if there is a need for an English-only rule, an employer may not take disciplinary action against an employee for violating the rule unless the employer has notified workers about the rule and the consequences of violating it.

Some states have stricter rules than others when it comes to an English-only language policy, so it’s important to comply not only with the EEOC, but also with individual states."

Retrieved from: https://www.bizlibrary.com/blog/compliance-safety/english-only-language-policy/ 

Christmas Shopping Mall Shop Online is Okay, but pay local sales tax, and maybe a

 federal sales tax, You making one man, Amazon, China's Puppet, and China Trillionaires,

 and putting your local Community out of Business (Kmart, Sears, and Toys-r-Us local jobs

 lost, local sales taxes pay for schools, roads, local economic expansion, business parks,

 work training, employee retraining, broadband, internet in rural areas, replacement

 business incentives, food programs, and medical expansion programs, loss of sales revenue

 for local regions and state, getting all those homeless people off the street that are losing

 more benefits and jobs, etc.)

Retrieve more: https://www.tennessean.com/story/opinion/2017/01/30/online-dealers-


Retrieve more: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/supreme-court/supreme-court-rules-


Retrieve more: foxnews.com/media/lindell-amazon-turn-cities-into-ghost-towns-calls-for-


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Celebrating February's Black America History Month The Military The Inventors

 ---Sorry if your idea of being Black American and mine quit differ. I'm the real deal.------

               Old Time Shows on Radio for Late Night Listening Listening 1

Top 7 Entertainment Broadcast Links that you might love to hate, not believe at all, but still listen to anyway?








                                   American Veteran's Day 11/11/2019 On US 2

Enjoyed Dinner with Family, Veterans, and my Great Aunt Faye in North Carolina had her 95th Birthday Party over the weekend. Great Aunt Faye was my mother's father's brother's, Johnny's Wife. Johnny was a Preacher and they toured churches and Great Aunt Faye sung. Lot of People there, some 200. Thanks Denny's for breakfast, thank you Applebee's for lunch, and South Point my favorite, but I did switch up and eat at a Boyd Casino. Las Vegas Veteran's Day Parade had a lot of folks. A manager at White Castle refused to honor Veterans Day Honorary Meal 1 - 6; but a swift complaint on the Corporate Website got that reversed. Thanks Corporate White Castle. I missed you at Golden Coral Monday, since Veteran's day fell on Monday this year. Remember Veterans, Twin Peaks is the place to go for that last Veterans' late night celebration, nice girls and guys, football and plenty of sports on the tubes. Thanks for those that went the distance to support Veterans with a smile. Rod. 11/12/2019.

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Popular Imaginary, Anime, and Video Game Movie and Arcade Competitors' Latest Talk Too,

2020 Dem DebateStage  "Know-Yang" Economics  Bernie knows Insurance Co.(s)     

American MLK would never said: elect me because I'm a woman, I'm of color, I'm white, young, or not old; we wouldn't either.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skinbut by the content of their character.” — Martin Luther King Jr. Retrieved from: https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/martin-luther-king-jr-quotes

Judging by Character starts here:

Visit USADebtClock.com to learn more!

Studies for Kings and Queens

  International Government Studies for Kings and Queens                                                                 

                                           Law Definitions, Beginner Kings and Queens                  

                         Religious Study for Kings and Queens



History: Pick One of these Great Kings and Queens that you like, dress up in the mirror, can you perform as that King of Queen?

History: Kings' and Queens' right hand Men and Women in the Kingdom? Knights, Warrior Women Princesses and Men Princess

                                 Final King and Queen Studies, Pictures: The Art of Winning Wars

If you do not imaginary-yourself, and prepare yourself, as the Kings and Queens of Tomorrow, then someone else will.

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                                     Morning, Pledge of Allegiance

Okay, you prayed to Jesus; they prayed for you, No time for Law School, You do not have 

to be a lawyer, to know about law, now you going to need some Basic Law Studies Every 

Week; get started now, 1 million non-lawyers with law knowledge, Holy Jesus, Jesus was 

innocent, lets defend him this time, get started learning law before you need it, you can't 

afford that lawyer, so be the next best thing around the house, put that video game down 

for some real fun; start learning your young kids law, they smart enough: 1 2 3 4 5 6 

Family Law 1 2 3 Yea, learn that child law, maybe they will stop fighting so much and you

won't have to do those jail house visits. Yea, that white man wrote some good stuff, law, 

constitution, and today you can operate equally under it, if you know it, but you got to 

love it to harness it. Be proud to know the law, your rights under the law, and when those

in charge start breaking the law to oppress you. Many Third world countries lack two 

things: law and the lack of corrupt governments not stealing money under the law; 

not paying government bills, but putting the money in personal pockets, keeping the 

majority population, you, eventually, product of third world. The future jobs are those

Somebody always going to need to know law and someone to sell food. Look at those

fat kids of yours in school today without physical education. Miserable, when they get 

older and fatter and fatter, just because the government want to save a dime. 

This year in Las Vegas, I see more than ever older disabled women and men seniors living

Yea, I called you fat. I was a little fat myself. Hit that gym, start running around the 

apartment, do 50 sit-ups, and 50 jumping jacks a day, 20 push-ups, all in your own

 home, if your doctor okays it. Get fit today before you get old folks age and miserably fat.

Really. Now you know I am coming back to make a few more post. 11/11/2019. America USA, Gift From God.


Seven Businesses that you may be able to start, hustle in on the side, with High School

 Degree or Drop out? Hey, I have heard that some of these folks make more than your boss

 or those with College Degrees; then some loss money and go out of business too?

Food Concession Stand (Food Truck)  Operating a Car wash out of a Truck; Trunk of Car                                                                                                                                                  Farmer's Market Sales Flea Market Sales 1 What to sell 2 eBay 3 Fruit

     Get Your Business Legal 1 2 3   Construction   List of Trades / Vocational Schools                                                
                             Online Business              Landscaping, Cutting Grass Lawn 1 2 3    

Jesus and his Father, Joseph, were skilled Carpenters; trained in building things

anything. that wraps it up. 8/01/2019. Rod.

American Patriot Award

Wear Your Proud to Be American Shirt Today                     

Self Baptism Once a Life, but Rod The Gemini The Twin, He Baptized Twice

King Jesus is your Royal Family through His Blood & Water you are Heirs to


Now some of you not from America, but we Americans learn how to say the pledge, pull up our pants, by age at

 least fifth grade. For you third-world culture living in America, You in America, your culture, the way you act,

 and the way your kids act, made your country you came from third-world.  No Thanks!

Rod has four Investigative Journalism writings and a few other writing on this Website Blog: 

            Rod's Op'ed Twitter Congress      

                                        The Resistance Page, The Real First Purge 



2020 Election Results are in; you know I know who wins already. I'll see you 2022.     

Well, all the other work is already in a book. Publishers don't like for it free to public. I had to

 block or take it down. For you that haven't read it. No Problem. Buy the book. 


I wish everyone's team luck, but I'm a life-time Redskins fan; love hog.


 Mr. Scruggs and Dad. Kept their foot in my ass.         

   Christian Conversion.    Help? Shout: Let it Out!        Try Walking in His Shoes. 

Video Published 01/11/2007 (111 x 2=222/111 x 7=777) The One - Thousand, 1000, Year Period had already

In case you Talk to God when you die, we all die, tell Him about 1 Week of Bible



 Wear a Cross 21 times, or more, a Year, Jesus Your Best Friend, Spread the Love

          Or Decorate a Christmas Tree; Live Tree? Jesus has Risen, He Live (s).


   Or buy a meal for a StrangerOr Help a Vet, Or Learn How to Cook


         Self Baptism Once a Life, but Rod The Gemini The Twin, He Baptized Twice

King Jesus is your Royal Family through His Blood & Water you are Heirs to


         Nice Cross You Wore Today     

             That was easy, until next week or in a month or once a Year, 

                                      Nice Christmas Decorations. Peace.         

Christmas Shopping Mall Shop Online is Okay, but pay local sales tax, and maybe a

 federal sales tax, You making one man, Amazon, China's Puppet, and China Trillionaires,

 and putting your local Community out of Business (Kmart, Sears, and Toys-r-Us local jobs

 lost, local sales taxes pay for schools, roads, local economic expansion, business parks,

 work training, employee retraining, broadband, internet in rural areas, replacement

 business incentives, food programs, and medical expansion programs, loss of sales revenue

 for local regions and state, getting all those homeless people off the street that are losing

 more benefits and jobs, etc.)

Retrieve more: https://www.tennessean.com/story/opinion/2017/01/30/online-dealers-


Retrieve more: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/supreme-court/supreme-court-rules-


Retrieve more: foxnews.com/media/lindell-amazon-turn-cities-into-ghost-towns-calls-for-


This Website's front page permanently archived, so copy and paste it or favorite this link as history

 somewhere for future viewing: https://web.archive.org/web/20181220173306/http://doctheshow.com/
  That other Bird was so boring. Have a fun laugh.

Some working with the Government has tried to steal DocTheShow, that's what they did. Cloned Doc The Show. Rod could not just retire; or he would leave behind the greatest Show Even never to be duplicated. They had to get rid of Doc The Show, trying to be great themselves. They attempted and attempted to Frame Rod with the Russians. They wanted their clone to be as great as Rod, but it would never be, as long as Rod, Doc the Show existed. They would not let him retire over three years. Doc The Show, "still the greatest cloud show on earth." Ahh, I was just watching Gemini Man and got caught up in dream world. You could have just told me you wanted to steal my show. 10/26/2019 Rod. These are the past attempted frames by a network of individuals with lies, fabricated false evidence, fabricated false testimony, many proven in these writings and much more proven in the case against these individuals that you have not seen. Attempting to Frame someone is a crime, many working with this network in the Government are already guilty of. These were the frames/attempted frames over the last four years. Maybe one day someone will prosecute this corrupt, dirty network. I am sure many paid for corrupt false testimony and fabricated false evidence since they risk so much in their degrees, jobs, and titles.

       Rod's Op'ed Twitter Congress      Answer: Russian Conspiracy Theory Hoax                         The Resistance Page, The Real First Purge        Baptism       Tax Day / Scumbags 
               $extortion Framed     Rod explain why he thinks Ford Case is a Con
War on Veterans, Corruption, Cover-up, Attacks at the Las Vegas VA 

This same network was around 2000 years ago doing the same ole same ole to Jesus for his forsaken truths told. Their history of framing victims have written in the book of life. Their latest threat over not serving Veteran's day meal to a Veteran. This corruption has fruition into the public light. Over the last four years, many of their names unmasked in these writings. Their tactics that have been kept hidden to frame and high-jack those in power or shakedown those who have something they want, exposed. We now know this network of corruption exist, as it continues to grow. So, far in the last four years, Rod has destroyed their attempts to frame with real testimony on truth, real concrete evidence, real documentary evidence, while they continue to plot their next frame fabricating false evidence, fabricated false testimony, and fabricate lies. Then planting the fabricated false evidence is all the signs of "dirty cops" working the case behind the scenes. 

Network using and reusing pay and play witnesses, using set-up artist, con-artist, informants, false accusers provided with case evidence to fabricate "framing" stories tweaking their lies to match case evidence, many already admitted to lying under oath, substituting those with new scumbags, it takes a scumbag to intentionally frame someone, under-covers to lead conversations to induce violation of the laws, induce obstruction, some with wire taps creating fabricated setups of  lies and framing false evidence off such wiretaps, secret tap recordings showing leading conversation inducing people without "knowledgeable awareness of intent to frame" or the law, as a lawyer, to participate in their planned out conspiracies, and using corrupt practices to entrap the innocent. The Pearls of Injustice. Abuse of power. Undue Process applying such fabricated false evidence and false testimony distorting the Law of this Great Land; a Breach of Trust of the Government. Using intimidation tactics. Okay, you can try to shut down the truth again, for the 100th time you have planted the incident for me to see, that blackmail extortion plot from a very cruel woman to frame Rod, 25 years ago. But, Rod knows it was a lie and you will never prove it was not a lie because it was a lie. The lady was a scumbag, it takes a real scumbag to try to frame someone for money, much like you, scumbags; as you have fell so far. Maybe you all will get prosecuted together, one day.

Yes. Rod is the best in the world. These parasites in this network of corrupt investigators, dirty cops shakedowns, and accomplices motivated by positions, money, and promises, are equally guilty, the small network, commingled in working with different corrupt networks in agencies extending to their affiliates, to the crimes by one of those in this network commingled with each other; a racket.

Additional Posting available but not yet posted:

How they tried to destroy Rod's Credit with fraudulent practices in medical billing.
6 cases widespread corruption, 3 Senior Doctors over Resident Doctors, teaching them, the Network: VA, Sunrise, UMC, 20+ Doctors and 10 Nurses with "malicious intent" to defraud Veterans of their Compensation, Pensions, Retirements,  and/or the Veterans Service Connection, and Ratings. 

Since, I am in Vegas and from Virginia. There are times in Vegas, I like to pick up the guitar and play my dads favorite beat he played on his guitar for 50 years or so. He and Mom been married for at least 55 years. Of course I could never play it as well as he. Anyone visiting my Dad, he usually did not let leave without hearing his guitar picking of this Honky Tonk lyric/song. He is older of age today, not getting around as good. But, still can pick a lick. I do not know if Elvis played this first or my Dad? Hit it.



                 7/22/2019 was Rod's Last Post to this Site. Date: 22,2 = 12 (21) Consecutive months for 1000 Years.  
America is not a person. Not a race. America is your Gift from God. Paradise on Earth. Hate America? Please do not stay where you so hate. Y O  
U do not love America? America is yours to love, fly away, back to your Home Country or Country you so much love over America. Solve your Problem. But, you will beg to come back; even when one offers to send you to your home of love. You ain't paid for all that free shit you got over the last thirty years; now you given more free shit, education, food for all, housing, except all those 1000s laying on cardboard boxes in Las Vegas city every night, college for all, Medicare for all, no taxes for all, but $20 wages for all, of course, fewer American Businesses in America for all, so welfare for all, of course retirement for all; it'll be beautiful in the next four years; as they HOC someone else's title, America's Title to everything in America into their pockets through the Stock Market. We will blame them these four years, than blame them back the next four years, while driving American Economy off of reserve debt, you pay the "free money" you get, to business; then stocks, dividends, bonds, etc. pay back into the pockets of those putting the debt "free money" into the economy with no intentions on paying back the debt, maybe? Sounds right? Debt Ceiling? But, if they required the Corporations, which through tax laws, they have not, and if they required the "free money" now in the hands of the businesses be paid back, before their wealth cut out of it; it could be a legitimate way to make America and keep America prosperous as their buying power shrinks because of what has been HOCed into other peoples pockets through the stock market. Because, according to the National Debt, the payment of which legislators are being enriched may be comparably to someone embezzling money laundering it first through the American people and then into their own pockets; with the debt never decreasing, and it appears malicious because they at the same time are writing laws so the Corporations will not have to pay the money back; making their take through shares, stocks, bonds, dividends larger and larger as they give more free money to people to be laundered to them, a few, and globalist money spent, and shelved, in other countries, not America. Maybe it will take tax return requirement from all Senators/Congressman over last 30 years, forward, made to public to put integrity back into tax laws seemly get-rich-quick scheme

Where is the part that you actually tell these lazy none responsible leaches that they have to work and pay for some American Debt; debt for all? 

The Building, Economy, looks good, but the foundation of the Building, Economy, if not already, has crumbled, is crumbling. Stealing to much from the Business not paying any substantial bills, debt, as they arise, call America Dollar, and you will have to go work for the Chinese, convert your money over to the Chinese yuan, and forfeit your lands and rights to the Chinese, Arabs, or European Union; holding the debt? Global Warming is upon you, but you won't change; greed; lies, no, add more greed and more lies? They give you free everything from the debt, which make more to put in their pockets from the stock market and no cost to businesses; raising their dividends, royalties, stock payouts; as many of these multinational Corporations have no allegiance to America and pay no, or very little taxes toward the National Debt? But, they have full protection oversees from our military men and women dying with very little gratitude from their wallets. This is called fraud when you are creating debt and have no intentions of paying the debt? Then, as you boast now, of changing demographics, the White Folks' and Globalists' stock market, got all their money out of America, changing demographics too Latino of color, sticking your new demographics of color, you boasting about, as a fail debt-plagued America, like another "Puerto Rico" or free medicine for all "Cuba" or some other country rolling the Rs? Then, you got to hand it over to a real military; China while the World body votes to send in troops to denuclearize America; then maybe martial law, then...you imagine the next stages? Do not be fooled folks, shutting down all Insurance Companies in America puts more money into the "Rich Socialist Pockets" from the Stock Market and give you a lot less quality medicine. When the people got the money, abandon you? Seems like the plan folks. Framed. You are being conditioned too weak and mis-educated to protect your land, fight for your country, or the prosperity of your land, your Country, America. Framed. But, this is just my belief. North America, NAFTA. One Big Failing State ran by foreigners', code-name aliens', and international agents' infiltration of the American Government not working in the best interest of the American People. Only one thousand years left, but according to the Bible; great suffrage comes a lot sooner than that for the world. End Times Prophecy But it's never too late to change. Until. The End! 2019=19+2=21 Year of God, 2000 - 3000: The Year American Debt Approached Warning Sign: $22,222,222,222,222.22

Visit USADebtClock.com to learn more!

See ya on your next visit. America; Red, Black, White, Yellow, Peach, Brown, Blue, you are free, free to leavefree as a bird. 
I'm Black and Saying "send her back" answering  to "a lady launches vicious antisemitic screams" in America is not racist chant.           Do not leave because of your race; leave because of your hate for America and finding your new beginning where you can love.
 Seems sensible and pretty basic to understand. Many may think her similar to what NAZI stated, her race was never mentioned,  neither is appropriate tone living in America. If you made a mistake pledging allegiance to America, you can un-do it; leave. One Presidential Candidate said the American Flag hurts him; so why is he running to be an American President? Brown 

person(s) spreading hate microaggressions against White; but only can see White hate. How are you planning to get the White vote spreading such filth? Wulfsohn, Joseph A. “Julián Castro, Beto O'Rourke Back Nike, Saying Betsy Ross Flag Is 'Hurtful'.” Fox News, FOX News Network, www.foxnews.com/politics/julian-castro-beto-orourke-back-nike-saying-betsy-ross-flag-is-hurtful 2nd debate I will not watch, Good luck Biden. The Only True "Sounding Like a Black American" in the Race; um, one don't sound black; the other did not marry black. We got major issues in America and the World, they still trying to "overly" prove they black.
I'm playing the Black Race Card; I'm playing the Puerrrrrto Rrrrico Rrrrace Carrrrd; then I'm playing the White Race Card.
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One more Vision, since Locust Plagued Vegas Last Night.

July 26, 2019, The Trumpets sounded in Reverse Order

Revelation 9 New King James Version (NKJV) 

First Trumpet - Fourth Trumpet

Fifth Trumpet sounded, Locust:

The Locusts from the Bottomless Pit Video Downtown Vegas Thousands of Locust:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VrYQGm3qaY July 26, 2019

7/26/2019 God sent another warning to man: After the Earthquake Warning from God, July 4th , 10s of 10,000, Locust were released to descend on Downtown Las Vegas Last Night; 7/25/2019, while millions descended in other places around the Las Vegas Strip and Valley. Early morning as people walked the sidewalks and parking lots, they appeared to be moving, and like blowing snow were millions of locusts, with each step and the Fifth Trumpet: The Locusts from the Bottomless Pit sounded. God knew I would be there to witness this because God controls everything that happens in our lives.

Revelation 9- 3 then out of the smoke locusts came upon the earth. And to them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. 4 They were commanded not to harm the grass of the earth, or any green thing, or any tree, but only those men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5 And [b]they were not given authority to kill them, but to torment them for five months. Their torment was like the torment of a scorpion when it strikes a man. 6 In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will desire to die, and death will flee from them.

11 And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon {Destruction}, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon {Destroyer}.

Ylanmui. “Two-Year Debt Ceiling and Budget Deal.” CNBC, CNBC, 23 July 2019, www.cnbc.com/2019/07/22/us-debt-ceiling-and-budget-deal-near-final-suspends-ceiling-for-2-years-source.html

Locusts » In av often translated "grasshopper," as in

Judges 6:5 For they would come up with their livestock and their tents, they would come in like locusts

for number, both they and their camels were innumerable; and they came into the land to devastate it.

1 Kings 8:37-38

"If there is famine in the land, if there is pestilence, if there is blight or mildew, locust or grasshopper, if

 their enemy besieges them in the land of their cities, whatever plague, whatever sickness there is,

 whatever prayer or supplication is made by any man or by all Your people Israel, each knowing the

 affliction of his own heart, and spreading his hands toward this house;

Sixth Trumpet sounded: The Angels from the EuphratesEarthquake Global Warming – 2000 – 3000, sounded July 4th, 2019 There is only one God.
Euphra'tes (outside of and that runs through Babylon the Great)                                                                          (Euphra'tes and Earthquake; Metaphor; meaning the break in the earth, water, vein, crack, fault, fault-lines, underneath, or atop, in the earth, that run outside the city and through the Chosen City; which would be what the Present Babylon the Great maybe located today)

13 Then the sixth angel sounded: and out of their mouths came fire, smoke, and brimstone. 

20 But the rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, that they should not worship demons, and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone, and wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk. 

End Times Prophecy Warning But it’s never too late to change. Until. The End! 2019=19+2=21 Year of God, 2000 - 3000: The Year American Debt Approached Warning Sign: $22,222,222,222,222.22

The Seventh Trumpet sounded, the Return of Jesus Christ 2016

"With the final Trumpet, the "resurrection and rapture" will occur."

          God gave you Heaven On Earth; America. NWO, Globalism 30 years ago before the year 2000.
          To understand this, I will give you a very basic analogy that most people will understand. To put 
something in HOC like a car title loan means I will give you something and you give me some money, and; when I give you the money back then you give me the title back. 
           Putting America in HOC.
           In the 1990s a plan called Globalism and the Stock Market would put lower wealthy and middle wealthy American Jobs up for HOC, 50,000 or more factories and good-paying American Jobs were HOCed and that money transferred to the wealthy through the stock market; with the idea of dirt-cheap labor, taking away American's ability to build through manufacturing, thus with the plan to sell them overpriced items as they could no longer build. But, this is not sustainable and the Government will have to continue HOCing something to live over other peoples money in the Stock Market. The greatest way to wealth is to HOC what belongs to someone else, and you never give the title back (wealth and buying power loss) and you keep the money from the HOC. The Stock Market became a place to take other peoples wealth, Americans, God's Country, and transfer it into the few wealthy's pockets throughout the world, by not paying back HOCs.
          The next big HOC came American Real Estate Owners and the credit-swap pyramiding scheme where again American assets were put into HOC. Many Americans wealth again was put into HOC for Globalist returns. Other people's titles HOCed and the money given to others through the stock market. The owners of the titles, many did not get their titles back, while the money for the HOC went to the stock market. Again the Stock Market took away American wealth. Then came the time when many Globalist took much of Americans Wealth, their titles, by simple crashing the stock market based on what appeared Election Results of Obama. The buying power of Americans taken away time after time, as God watched how the American Government was operating on the backside.

Operation Code Name: Alien. This lady spent $6 million of her dollars, attempted framings, poisoning, harassment, office and research confiscated, by what they now call “deep state” after she was put in government position to go after, but never could complete the job, the Credit-swap/HUD Scandal approved by Bill Clinton that caused the Stock Market to collapse in 2007/2008. In the audio, article, Fitts seemed to be framed, smeared, setup, control file on her (the dirt) invented, blackmail, evidence invented, false testimony, for her personal folder, audits, intelligence warfare, and personal investigations. The government had to force the good people out for things; for things to work. She thinks she was poisoned three times by her own government. The Catherine Fitts Story 


          Which led to the final HOC: The Americans' Debt Economy today which God took the Government out of control and put Jesus back in Control of what happens to America; God's gift to the world. Today's America is HOCing all America, the title, into the Stock Market, and are transferring the money into Globalist and a few pockets and not paying the money back for the title to America, to America, which is not theirs to HOC; in which it seems through their actions have no intentions on paying the money back to God's America, where God holds the title for the people living in America. Of course, it would be very hard to pull the wool over God's eyes, and even worse to stiff God.

Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=120&v=XvuM3DjvYf0


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 Proud to Be American
                                  July 4th America Independence Day 1776                                                                                          
Thank you Veterans, When, I signed up, like you, I Volunteered to die for you;

and you and you and you in America, God's Country, working with friendlies around world.

"When I was a child, I played with childish things. When I became a man, I put down childish things. Can you do that?" from The 5th Wave, Movie. I picked up
the Guitar.

King Godzilla
, Queen Mothra, King RodanKing Ghidorah444,Collide
The Year of

 The Raptors on May 31, 2019. That does it for this year. What a Birthday Party,

 See ya May 19, 2020 - May 31, 2020. Hey, why couldn't they put more King

 Kong in the movie? Maybe next year. Everyone Invited. Everyone VIP. The

Gathering. The One Party, You Reign; Rain.

                                Keep Dancing
But, You Never Out Danced Rod. Peace Out. Come on. In Public? Holy Spirit. Zilla.

Year 2019 Everybody MVP John 3:16 Buck in English Gematria equals: 222:b12u126c18k

     Christian Conversion.    Help? Shout: Let it Out!        Try Walking in His Shoes. 

Video Published 01/11/2007 (111 x 2=222/111 x 7=777) The One - Thousand, 1000, Year Period had already Begun.
In case you Talk to God when you die, we all die, tell Him about 1 Week of Bible Study  


 Wear a Cross 21 times, or more, a Year, Jesus Your Best Friend, Spread the Love

          Or Decorate a Christmas Tree; Live Tree? Jesus has Risen, He Live (s).

   Or buy a meal for a StrangerOr Help a Vet, Or Learn How to Cook

         Self Baptism Once a Life, but Rod The Gemini The Twin, He Baptized Twice

King Jesus is your Royal Family through His Blood & Water you are Heirs to


         Nice Cross You Wore Today     

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                                      Nice Christmas Decorations. Peace.                                                      


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There shall be two New {Christian} JerUSAlem: one on the Ground and one in the Cloud. (Revelation 21: 21, or in reverse 12 12 = 12² =144 for 1000 years = 144,000 or Jesus walked as God, 21 and 21, one on earth and one in the Clouds; Your Best Friend).

Revelation 3:21

To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throne.

Jerusalem was the city to which Jesus was brought as a child, to be presented at the Temple (Luke 2:22). Jerusalem has been surrounded by walls since the ancient of times; it was small but well protected by the walls of the Seven Archangels; Cherubim (blue) and Seraphim (red) means "God is With Us."

Seven Stars in Jesus Right Hand: Seven angels or archangels are given as related to the seven

 days of the week:Michael (Sunday), Gabriel (Monday), Raphael (Tuesday), Uriel (Wednesday),

 Selaphiel (Thursday), Raguel or Jegudiel (Friday), and Barachiel (Saturday).

  There is only one Pride Celebration that's American and that is American Pride; One God, One People, One Nation. Only one Flag of Freedom will fly in America as a Nation; throw all the other colorful, national, international, hate flags, trying to overthrow America, away; they never survived history anywhere in the world, nor will they in America. God's Country.

June 22, 2019 (19 + 2 = 21, 19 + 2 = 21, 19 + 2 = 21) on another perfect date. So, in closing this writing on this Website today, somewhat where it started. Many in History tried to read God's Numbers and failed. Oh, it happened in other religions also. They failed because they were not chosen by God. It was not Final Judgment. The one Chosen by God would himself be the Number in Final Judgment and read many of the numbers true. There are others that Rod may look at later, that are true, but just not read correctly by man. This was Rod's story. Maybe written as a fiction to appease some. But, what a price to pay if it were not?

A good book written by a black lady prophet for you to read about Prophecy and God's children over the last two hundred years living in Europe and America is listed below. The book that was delivered to Rod October 19, 2016, that opened him up to someone living a period 100-200 years ago who predicted Jesus return. They knew who to contact. They journeyed a long pilgrimage. Thanks. Ellen is like his Sis now. Rod. Every American and Christian must read Will America Survive? 1888 by E.G. White to understand today. America's Constitution founded on Nationalism: Republicanism and Protestantism. Who was she? The Spirit World. Ellen G. White was a source in Rod's investigation and research and introduced at the beginning of the Book. With that said, Rod decided to use Ellen White's book The Great Controversy 1888 in his book after reading it. She was an expert on the Bible, history, and End-Time study. Ellen G. White was a Black-American Christian pioneer living the Founding of America, she was one of the founders of America, as well as Rod's Great Great Great Great Granddad's (born 1815 in America a free man, George Washington Jackson) parents, dream in the 1800s. She was one of the founders of the Advent Christian Movement that believed Christ would return on a specific date, but they were thought to have gotten the period wrong, and the exact date wrong. They were scorn by some, and many naysayers of the Bible. She did world research in many countries and wrote five-thousands periodicals and forty-books. She is considered a Prophet by the movement which explains our connection today. Many believe that there are living Prophets, spirits, who continue to work after their deaths; on Earth and in Supernatural Spaces; Spaces in the Mind.

Actually, 200 years later, tell the Advent, and the naysayers, Ellen's Numbers were right then, but they were not read Right because only one person that would be able to read God's Numbers correctly, and he was the number himself, the date chosen, not born yet, but born 5/22, as in the 22 date stated in the year. The Date that she calculates Jesus Return was a number to be added up to the birth of who would see Jesus Return. Her date was 10/22/1844 or 1+2+2+1+8+4+4 = 22. 222 the Chosen Number half of Jesus 444, 5 is half of 10 or 5 22 or inverse 12 25, Jesus Birth. Her ending date 44 Roots of Jesus in the Jewish Gematria, 444. Now, use the same date, 10/22/1844, subtracted from the Roots, 44 - 18 - 2 -2 -1 = 21, Jesus = God. So, thanks for the Pilgrimage, Christian Advent, to UNLV in 2016 for the 2016 Presidential Debate delivering to me the book "Will America Survive?" You already knew something that I did not.  Rod sometimes speaks in third-person-self as two, II. Rod; from the Founding Father. June 22, 2019 a perfect day and a perfect year (2 + 19 = 21). A great Birth-date Year where every month has three 222, in sequence, in one date, in every month. 1000 year period with three sequential 222, in each sequential month, and each sequential year, Years 2000 - 3000.  Thanks Ellen White. Rod The Baptist. June 22, 2019. Good Readings from Rod The Baptist, Ellen White, Peter, Paul, John The Baptist, the writer of Hebrews, James, Jude, Christians, the Lord Jesus Christ, and all the teachers and prophets of Israel:

The Second Resurrection, www.wor.org/book/3654/the-second-resurrection

"There are two resurrections from the dead. The first will take place at the beginning of the thousand-year period. The second will occur at the end of the thousand-year period. This is the first resurrection of the saints. There is no resurrection or ascension of the Christian saints prior to this one, as we understand the Scriptures. The next verse assures us no person will be resurrected after the first resurrection until the end of the thousand-year period: But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection. (Revelation 20:5)... This precisely is what will take place. In the second resurrection, each human being (except the victorious saints, God’s kings and priests of the first resurrection, who already have been judged) will be judged according to his works. This is what the Scriptures state. It cannot be changed... The true Body of Christ will be raised in the first resurrection. The concept that God will raise the current Christian Babylon into Paradise at the first resurrection is not scriptural [but said to be true]. Every human being, Christian and non-Christian, will be judged righteously and thoroughly. Christ will make the decision as to the eternal destiny of each, according to his works...The first resurrection, toward which Paul was pressing to the end of his days on the earth, is the resurrection of the victorious saints. It is the gathering of God’s kings and priests to Himself so they may descend with Jesus and work with Him in setting up the Kingdom of God. Whoever attains the first resurrection need have no fear of the Day of Judgment at the end of the Millennium. [You are the Saints; Faith, Do Your Works, "1 Week of Bible Study"]."

                       According to the Bible, God Controls the Weather; Yes, there is a Global Warming Coming 

                       but man does not control it; Jesus does and things are going to get real hot in about a 1000 years. 

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Happy Easter,                                                                                                                                  April (4th month=2 the Second [Coming])/21/2019 (19 + 2 = 21) = 4 21 (God) has 21(Risen 21²), Second Coming Plays and Study_

   April 22, 2019 Post   4 22, 19 That's a wrap for 2019, see ya 2022 Rod The Baptist
  Keep playing Kings Davids Dance Kings Davids  Kings come from your body  Kings  Forever 

1/22/2019 Post
Unless you are Presidentstop talking about how bad Presidents are doingYea. You will never bePresident, you unqualified little piece....sitting on your...just running off at the lip. Trump should end The Wall shutdownIn every good battle, you have to know when to retreat from little skirmishes, and focus on winning the big picture, Retreat today and fight another day. Greatest War Movie(Repent, Repent) Keep Dancing and Playing and Drawing and Writing and Imagining and Story-boarding.

                                                 Season 12 - God - 21

  More Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCsCatvigtw

Here's one for the Road since such a, with so many superstars in that movie remind me of twitter list,
Nice Armageddon fight seen from those Avengers "End Gamers" and a nice release date 4, 22, 21 or 2019 or 19 + 2 = 21. It was almost as Great as the real Armageddon that Rod of God witnessed. Armageddon was the return of Christ and his birthday Christmas 12 - 25 or in reverse his Birthday confirmed 
5 - 22 and One Genesis meaning "The New Beginning" or Genesis 1:27 "God Created Man in his own Image" as Rod 222 saw him in the clouds; Rod's birthday is 5 22, and the year or Rod's Birthday year, numbers added together, equal 21, when added together was chosen to see His return. So, Rod born 5 22, 21. 222 Chosen Number in the Jewish Gematrix, The English Germatria, Rod, to see Jesus, English Germatria, 444, Return, The Second, 2² ,
Coming of Christ, Simple Germatria 77. God 777 or 21.

Trinity: God is The Father 777 and God is The Son Jesus 444 and God is The Holy Spirit "Christ" 77
  777 + 444 = 11 11 11 x The Chosen 222 = 22 22 22 = 2²  Second Coming of Christ 77  Party Time

Happy Mothers' Day 5.12.2019  Rod in English Gematria equals: 222:r108o90d24 

Revelation 3


"To the angel of the church in Sardis write: These are the words of him who holds the seven spirits of God and the seven stars. I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead.


Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth.


I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.


Him who overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of my God. Never again will he leave it. I will write on him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my God; and I will also write on him my new name.


You say, `I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.' But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.


Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.


To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throne.


He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches."

Listen to El·o·quent American Presidential Debating Issues

Retrieved from: https://www.c-span.org/video/?33071-1/1992-presidential-candidates-debate 

Retrieved from: https://www.c-span.org/video/?33253-1/presidential-candidates-debate

Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoD_W-FEYsM&feature=youtu.be

The Globalist Theft From Americans with the Help of Government and Corporations which is inflating the stock markets, as one might say, washing dirty money into clean hands, one might say, Now Equals, but hey if that what you going to do, give all Americans a financial stock portfolio to grow, so they do not get swindled in the end paying for this 30 Year Grand Theft with no gain? =

Visit USADebtClock.com to learn more!

Year 2000 God Started Global Warming to Run for 1000


 "Blood of Jesus" Blood Color is more important than Skin


 God's Country "America" You r Blood of Jesus through the Water.

June 22, 2019 a perfect day and a perfect year for a message from God (2 + 19 = 21). A great Birth-date Year, where every month has three 222, in sequence, in one date, in every month. A 1000 year period with three sequential 222, in each and every sequential month, and three 222 in each and every sequential year, Years 2000 - 3000. The Time has Come Judgment. Midnight Oil "Beds Burning."
Judgment for your soul is in 2999 - Time Judgment began 2000 = 999 an inverted beast 666 Racism.

Racism A 666 Beast in English Gematria equals: 


 Rod of God named this Beast, with six letters "Racism." Do not follow the Beast, it is Judgment and the mark God seen on your forehead, in your face, and in your hand, at what you do, deception.

Happy Independence Day America 1776. 1+7+7+6=21. Rod of God and Rod the Baptist.
Western Desert Lives and Breaths God Controls Earth; Climate Change.

 JTI Fountain lights up at night and has the option of changing the color of the lights. 215 Main Street, Danville, VA 24541

The Seven Fountains: The Seven Spirits of God

So if you are not momentarily where others are, doesn't mean you won't get into Heaven and a wealthy person will. So, spread the word of God; let the oil flow; you may be poor in wealth all your life; but, rich in letting the oil flow; That oil being "Through The Blood and Water of Jesus" your "Love For God
" as Heir to the Kingdom.  

Jesus proclaims Himself to be the place where the living water is found. Jesus isn't the living water, but He is the fountain where it can be found! This water symbolize Holy Spirit. The oil flowing.

The River of Life Revelation 22 The Coming of Jesus.

1 Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb through the middle of the street of the city; also, on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kind of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. 2 The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. 3 No longer will there be anything accursed, but the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and his servants will worship him. 4 They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads. 5 And night will be no more. They will need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever.

Rod's Fruit Business was around 1990 - 2000
Garden Spot Produce Company located Danville, Va.
and Ringgold, Va.
The 2016 Christian Pilgrimage to "2016 Presidential Debate"                                                                        in Las Vegas Nevada saw Rod at the Debate.                                                                               


Here it is? Why did Jesus return in the Clouds with Gray Hair? Because the Bible said that every man and woman is made in the image of God, God walked on Earth through "The Rod" "The Staff" of Moses and Jesus, the Trinity, so if every man and woman hair eventually turns gray, that is the image of Jesus hair looking gray like lambs wool, Metaphor, and if Jesus is God, then everyone that lives of age dies in the image of God, but everyone is born with the type pigment that God, Jesus, returned

Some of Rod's additional Writings: