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$extortion Man Survivors

Welcome. Rod's Homepage. This is a Homepage and Passive Private NonForProfit Website.

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Some working with the Government has tried to steal DocTheShow, that's what they did. Cloned Doc The Show. Rod could not just retire; or he would leave behind the greatest Show Even never to be duplicated. They had to get rid of Doc The Show, trying to be great themselves. They attempted and attempted to Frame Rod with the Russians. They wanted their clone to be as great as Rod, but it would never be, as long as Rod, Doc the Show existed. They would not let him retire over three years. Doc The Show, "still the greatest cloud show on earth." Ahh, I was just watching Gemini Man and got caught up in dream world. You could have just told me you wanted to steal my show. 10/26/2019 Rod. These are the past attempted frames by a network of individuals with lies, fabricated false evidence, fabricated false testimony, many proven in these writings and much more proven in the case against these individuals that you have not seen. Attempting to Frame someone is a crime, many working with this network in the Government are already guilty of. These were the frames/attempted frames over the last four years. Maybe one day someone will prosecute this corrupt, dirty network. I am sure many paid for corrupt false testimony and fabricated false evidence since they risk so much in their degrees, jobs, and titles.

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               $extortion Framed     Rod explain why he thinks Ford Case is a Con
War on Veterans, Corruption, Cover-up, Attacks at the Las Vegas VA 

Criminal Enterprise or Team Health 2020: Las Vegas VA, Medicare, Sunrise Hospital, UMC, UNLV Medical School

This same network was around 2000 years ago doing the same ole same ole to Jesus for his forsaken truths told. Their history of framing victims have written in the book of life. Their latest threat over not serving Veteran's day meal to a Veteran. This corruption has fruition into the public light. Over the last four years, many of their names unmasked in these writings. Their tactics that have been kept hidden to frame and high-jack those in power or shakedown those who have something they want, exposed. We now know this network of corruption exist, as it continues to grow. So, far in the last four years, Rod has destroyed their attempts to frame with real testimony on truth, real concrete evidence, real documentary evidence, while they continue to plot their next frame fabricating false evidence, fabricated false testimony, and fabricate lies. Then planting the fabricated false evidence is all the signs of "dirty cops" working the case behind the scenes. 

Network using and reusing pay and play witnesses, using set-up artist, con-artist, informants, false accusers provided with case evidence to fabricate "framing" stories tweaking their lies to match case evidence, many already admitted to lying under oath, substituting those with new scumbags, it takes a scumbag to intentionally frame someone, under-covers to lead conversations to induce violation of the laws, induce obstruction, some with wire taps creating fabricated setups of  lies and framing false evidence off such wiretaps, secret tap recordings showing leading conversation inducing people without "knowledgeable awareness of intent to frame" or the law, as a lawyer, to participate in their planned out conspiracies, and using corrupt practices to entrap the innocent. The Pearls of Injustice. Abuse of power. Undue Process applying such fabricated false evidence and false testimony distorting the Law of this Great Land; a Breach of Trust of the Government. Using intimidation tactics. Okay, you can try to shut down the truth again, for the 100th time you have planted the incident for me to see, that blackmail extortion plot from a very cruel woman to frame Rod, 25 years ago. But, Rod knows it was a lie and you will never prove it was not a lie because it was a lie. The lady was a scumbag, it takes a real scumbag to try to frame someone for money, much like you, scumbags; as you have fell so far. Maybe you all will get prosecuted together, one day.

Yes. Rod is the best in the world. These parasites in this network of corrupt investigators, dirty cops shakedowns, and accomplices motivated by positions, money, and promises, are equally guilty, the small network, commingled in working with different corrupt networks in agencies extending to their affiliates, to the crimes by one of those in this network commingled with each other; a racket.

Additional Posting available but not yet posted: 

How they tried to destroy Rod's Credit with fraudulent practices in medical billing.
6 cases widespread corruption, 3 Senior Doctors over Resident Doctors, teaching them, the Network: VA, Sunrise, UMC, 20+ Doctors and 10 Nurses with "malicious intent" to defraud Veterans of their Compensation, Pensions, Retirements,  and/or the Veterans Service Connection, and Ratings. 

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But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.


$extortion defined is having sex with a man and later demanding rewards, money, or fame. The Website Blog has a Disclaimer that you should at least browse over. Rod created a new word, $extortion, he defined as having sex, or not, with a man, and later demanding rewards, money, or fame with an “or else” clause; blackmailing or framing. But, this nothing new and has been around for at least a few centuries, maybe a few thousand centuries. Rod read some of the text Criminal Law, Concepts and Practice, Second Edition, Carolina Academic Press, Authored by Ellen S. Podger, Peter J. Henning, Andrew E. Taslitz, and Alfredoo Garcia and here is a case from Page 385 and 386:

Part II

“The prosecutor charges Lewis with one count of forcible rape. Two days before trial, Lewis receives an unmarked envelope at his home containing entries in a diary written by H. that she started at the behest of the rape counselor. One entry states:

I can’t believe the trial’s only a week away. I feel guilty (sort of) for trying to get Nate locked up, but his lack of respect for women is terrible. I remember how disrespectful he always was to all of us girls in the courtyard . . . he thinks females are a bunch of sex objects! And he’s such a player! He was trying to get with Holly and me, and all the while he had a girlfriend. I think I pounced on Nate because he was the last straw… I’m not a nympho like all those guys think. I’m just not strong enough to say no to them. I’m tired of being a whore. This is where it ends.”

The Actus Reus (the prohibited act) and the Mens Rea (mental state) are what was the intent of both the Defendant and Plaintiff, which may be total opposite. Prior sexual conduct by the victim comes in to play in making this decision many times. The “sine qua none of the offense” turns to what the victim did, in reporting, and action during the incident. The fresh complaint rule, have they filed a complaint within 90 days of the incident. Is there anything or anyone that can corroborate the story, other than who they told; hearsay. On page 338, Podger, Henning, Taslitz, and Garcia ask the question, “At its simplest, the dilemma lies in this: if no consent is essential to rape (and no amount of force or physical struggle is inherently inconsistent with lawful sex) and if no sometimes means yes, and if men are supposed to be aggressive in any event, how is a man to know when he has crossed the line? And how are we to avoid unjust convictions? Without consent, a kiss may be a criminal offense. Once you discover someone may an STD it is common to withdraw from unprotected sex because they may also carry immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV). This may anger someone infected with just an STD as well. On page 375, it states that it is unlawful to knowingly have sexual intercourse without notifying the person that they have the virus. On page 373, an attorney named Vander Esch argued what might have confused as nonconsenting, “The standard of voluntary consent which the district court adopted would open the door to litigation far beyond anything contemplated by the legislature. The claims of lack of consent based on deception under that standard would easily include that “he didn’t really love me, he just said he did to get me into bed” and “it wasn’t voluntary because I would never have agreed if I had known he was married.” Section 213.4 Sexual Assault, “A person who has sexual contact with another not his spouse, or causes such other to have sexual contact with him, is guilty of sexual assault, a misdemeanor, if (1) if he knows the contact is offensive to the other person and seven other instances. Rape is a felony.

9.01 Common Law Rape

At Common law, rape was a general intent crime, * * * Blackstone defined rape as carnal knowledge of a woman forcibly and against her will.” Additional requirements, that the victim report the incident promptly, corroboration of the victim’s story, and utmost resistance, heightened the proof necessary for a conviction. Generally, a conviction rested on the last of these requirements: how well the woman conveyed her unwillingness to engage in intercourse. *

Nicole Fusilli, Notes, New York State ofMind.’ Rape and Mens Rea, 76 ST. JoHN’S L. Rfv. 603 (2002).

(Podger, Henning, Taslitz, and Garcia 338, 375, 373, 337 Chapter 9)

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/08/roy-moore-accuser-admits-forged-part-yearbook-inscription-attributed-to-alabama-senate-candidate.html "(Serrie. Pappas.)  #MeToo

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/15/attorney-lisa-bloom-sought-to-line-up-paydays-for-women-accusing-trump-sexual-misconduct-report.html (No name cited).

Bryant, Kenzie. “Gloria Allred Responds to Her Daughter Lisa Bloom's Decision to Represent Harvey Weinstein.” The Hive, Vanity Fair, 6 Oct. 2017, www.vanityfair.com/style/2017/10/gloria-allred-lisa-bloom-harvey-weinstein-statement

Shaw, Adam. “Trump Challenges Dems after Kavanaugh Accuser Allegedly Admits to Making False Rape Claim.” Fox News, FOX News Network, www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-challenges-dems-after-kavanaugh-accuser-allegedly-admits-to-making-false-rape-claim "The accusations were initially made via a “Jane Doe” letter to Sen. Kamala Harris’ {ex-prosecutor], D-Calif., office in September. Ms. Munro-Leighton submitted a fabricated allegation, which diverted Committee resources,” Grassley’s office said."

Casiano, Louis. “'No Evidence' to Back Kavanaugh Accusers' Claims, Senate Panel's Report on FBI Probe Finds.” Fox News, FOX News Network, www.foxnews.com/politics/no-evidence-to-back-kavanaugh-accusers-claims-senate-panels-report-on-fbi-probe-finds "Grassley last month requested that the FBI investigate accuser Julie Swetnick and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, who also represents porn star Stormy Daniels in her allegations against President Trump. “Indeed, the evidence appears to support the position that Julie Swetnick and Mr. Avenatti criminally conspired to make materially false statements to the Committee and obstruct the Committee’s investigation.” — Chairman Chuck Grassley, Senate Judiciary Committee"

Richardson, Matt. “Kavanaugh Accuser Referred to DOJ for False Statements, Grassley's Office Announces.” Fox News, FOX News Network, www.foxnews.com/politics/kavanaugh-accuser-referred-to-doj-for-false-statements-grassleys-office-announces

“Swetnick, Avenatti Referred for Criminal Investigation.” United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, 25 Oct. 2018, www.judiciary.senate.gov/press/rep/releases/swetnick-avenatti-referred-for-criminal-investigation

Breuninger, Kevin. “Trump Supporters Won't like the Rulings in These 3 Court Cases.” CNBC, CNBC, 15 June 2018, www.cnbc.com/2018/06/15/trump-supporters-wont-like-the-rulings-in-these-3-court-cases.html "Special counsel Robert Mueller and lawyer Michael Avenatti on Friday saw favorable rulings in court cases involving key figures in Trump's orbit."

Lee, MJ, and Maegan Vazquez. “Avenatti Pitched Cohen on Working Together against Trump.” CNN, Cable News Network, 23 July 2018, www.cnn.com/2018/07/23/politics/avenatti-cohen-trump-meeting/index.html

ROD of Iron Loves Law. Now, 11/15/2017, To the person that asked, no it is not 22277 (7). HaHaHa. Did God make that up too? To ride Rod's coattails in the future, too? Nothing there either to the person that asked those question! But, it is probably just mere coincidence and maybe God telling you guys, the Media, all parties, spectators weighing in, to listen to what Rod said: handle your business in court like grownups. Many tired of the spectating sports; it is becoming a bit disgusting to watch; tuning out. Smut TV. You do not seem to be suffering emotional damage exploiting such issues openly. Why would the court award you money? Why you not in the D.A. Office getting together a Grand Jury or filing a complaint in a civil court if you have legitimate claims? Why have you not in the past? The Constitution prohibits the making of ex-post facto law. The media-court-trial jury sentencing process seems illegitimate. Judge Judy is for small civil cases. God has warned you 222777. God knows all before it happens. In Tennessee, Alaska, North Carolina, North Dakota, etc. girls can get married between the ages of 14 - 16, do you think that comes without sex, and the state statutes writers are disgusting too? Many women and men think consensual sex at 14 okay. Some young adults at age 14 and their parents prefer, and consent to older experienced people. Someone with a fatter paycheck for support; women as well as men:

  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_of_marriage_in_the_United_States (Wikipedia Writers). Maybe they are disgusting, maybe God wants you to look at a bigger picture, and Congress may need to change federal law, and make some better laws. But, they would not be by the people. You consent to sex at 14, get grown, had plenty sex since, statutory rape claims seem a bit late especially if you go on TV, money, instead of a D.A. Office. Rod knew a lot of girls having consensual sex at 13 and 14 and 15 in school with older guys, but he never did with any of those chicks. How was a person that age to know the law, not taught in school, dare not talk to parents about sex, and that they are breaking some law about having what they see on TV every day? There were no guilty minds. Some states allowed marriage, sex, at fourteen. That was their business. So. Na. the 22277 was probably a message from God but please do not contact Rod in the future. Rod wants no part or no connection to Smut-Political-Campaigns or trying to connect messages from God to them. They all stink. God probably think so too with that magical 222 77 as a message to folks. With Franken, there is physical evidence, the picture, with Moore, the lady may have fabricated evidence 222 77 because she has refused to turn over the physical evidence according to news sites, or at least a copy when requested for a handwriting analysis. She does not maybe want to get to the truth or at least stalling the truth. To Rod, the writing seemed of a low-skilled writer, maybe young, by the words chosen and the sentence structure. Or, it could have been a highly skilled person who wanted it to look that way. The key interrogatory is to produce the document or a copy of the document; lesser weight, but legal. Legally, there should be evidence, maybe from a narrow scanty piece to a preponderance of the evidence, something physical or heavy circumstantial, not just hearsay evidence, or 1000 people speculating their opinions without evidence is no credible evidence, before bringing someone before a Grand Jury or at least winning a case by jury trial. Grand juries may be just one-sided evidence without the Defendant's counsel present or Defendant's evidence or testimony submitted; hiding exculpatory evidence. President's daughter weighed in, speculating her opinion, but actually, this could be a self-professing trap to attempt to impeach her dad under same terms, setting a precedent for no trials with sentencing by media-driven lynch-mobs. So commenting on Franken is a lot "more" credible than "Moore" accusations. There is physical evidence, the picture, but maybe motive to fabricate false evidence in the other case with little physical evidence. Rod hopes that answered all the questions you asked. Weigh-in TV, are men, and little boys love cool at the rainbow color flag Website like:

 https://www.nambla.org/ #MeToo                                                                                                                                         https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_Man/Boy_Love_Association (Wikipedia Writers).

            ROD of God. You go after the false accuser with everything you got within the legal realm. It is now a war in the courtroom or many cases the newsrooms. But! If someone involved in an incident as the Defendant, it is taught not to try to intimidate the witness or the Plaintiff or for that matter the Defendant; or never try to contact the witness or the Plaintiff personally. Contacting, reaching, approaching the witness, news releases, is the lawyer's job through proper procedures, investigative tools, and channels. Many will hire private detectives or firms to investigate the evidence, the accusation, and the Plaintiff(s)' background. This background check expected, legal, and due diligence by a Defendant's attorney. The Defendants should demand it. You provide your evidence to your lawyer. It is your lawyers call to go public. You do not have to testify, and many do not. Rod would testify regardless. Rod was having sex consensual sex around fourteen. He had a full beard. No, his parents did not know all those times Rod had sex. Yes, he wanted to and enjoyed it. No. He would never accuse someone older of abuse when he was consensual in enjoying their company. No. There is no emotional damage or scarring from Rod enjoying sex around age 14. 
How was a person that age to know the law, not taught in school, dare not talk to parents about sex, and that they are breaking some law about having what they see on TV every day? There was no guilty mind. Some states allowed marriage, sex, at fourteen. Your penis gets hard at thirteen. What is a boy to do? Masturbate for three years? What are girls to do as well? Girls puberty mature quicker than men in some statistics. The onset of puberty varies among individuals. According to medicinenet.com/puberty/article.htm "Puberty usually occurs in girls between the ages of 10 and 14, while in boys it generally occurs later, between the ages of 12 and 16. In some African-American girls, puberty begins earlier, at about age 9, meaning that puberty occurs from ages 9 to 14." Puberty is when the desires for sex starts. Young adults, girls or boys, should not be made to feel dirty because of puberty and they should not consider themselves dirty because they had sex. Yes, they were all older than Rod and at least 16. When you grow up years later, take responsibility for yourself enjoying that sex when you consensual asked for it. You had it. You enjoyed it. Rod would not blame who he had sex with because he does not feel dirty. Much Love for You. Hope you are still doing well. Kisses. Yes. Rod still remembers those times. It was Great.

Licensed Attorney vs. Television Lawyer. A licensed lawyer held to a higher standard than a Defendant or Plaintiff. Some television lawyers may no longer be licensed but say they are lawyers. The unlicensed lawyer may be acting a bit unethical themselves. They cannot have their license taken. A licensed attorney may be involved in unethical practices with no lawyers filing complaints at the State Bar against them out of courtesy. You may file, submit, or register your own complaint at the State Bar for actions of an unethical attorney. An unethical attorney may circumvent civil court procedure to prejudice the jury pool with evidence that they know will not be admitted into evidence because of civil procedure "rules of evidence." The unethical attorney releases it to the media without giving the accused a copy of that evidence to review. Court procedure requires the attorney to supply opposing party a copy of anything submitted to the court, the judge, or jury at the same time, to respond. An unethical attorney may use the media as the judge, jury, and to execute unethical sentences with false evidence or testimony and as a tool to intimidate Defendants. False testimony may be witnesses involved in the case not deposed by the opposing party. They may be paraded by the Plaintiff's attorney to prejudice. An unethical attorney may circumvent civil court procedure to prejudice. Circumvent "Due Process." An unethical attorney knows that any alleged writing contested will go through a handwriting analysis. So an unethical attorney may have a person create a document, not as the intelligent older person that they are today, but create a writing as the child that they were years ago. This collision would be for if or when the document is found to fabricated. The claim will be a "childhood prank" knowing that the truth will eventually become discovered. The lie maybe just done in the now with malicious intent and there was maybe no then, you lied then "or," no, you are lying now, and there was never any then. Forensics probably can determine close to what year the ink was made. If made in the last twenty years, then it would only make since that the lie probably made for a specific purpose, recently. [Intent]But, the damage done, the proximate cause fulfilled, by this time. This fabrication would be acting with premeditation to put full blame on the Plaintiff instead of collusion; childhood-dumb excuse maybe. Such conspiring may be found true. This act may invalidate many of unethical attorney's present pending cases and perhaps past cases. An unethical attorney disbarment may invalidate many of the unethical attorney's past practices and current cases that may possibly have fabricated allegations tainted with collusion and unethical premeditated actions by an unethical attorney against many Defendants. An unethical attorney who conspires to fabricate false evidence in one case may aspire to fabricate false testimony and evidence in another case. If an unethical attorney did the above, this might be with malicious intent and malice conduct. An unethical attorney using the media to intimidate a Defendant, much like a witness, and seeking money too, may be a form of extortion. An unethical attorney using the media to intimidate or harass a Defendant in hopes of monetary settlement may be on the borderline for misconduct actions and paying damages themselves. An authorized person such as Police or FBI probably under different rules, specific rules of law, under certain obligations in a case unlike than a licensed attorney. Police or FBI should not be seeking personal monetary gain for themselves such as an attorney. This is only if, only apply, if, the attorney is unethical. But, Rod is not a lawyer and this is just his opinion. More you show up with hearsay on TV? Less case may be.

            Some Remedies if Falsely Accused? A person should consider filing a counter lawsuit against frivolous claims in today's climate with so many false allegations out there. False allegation being going on for decades, many have found television has created a better way to make a profit and intimidate the Defendant into paying before the court. But, some lawyers say do not sue people if they do not have money. You do not get paid, and you have to pick up the legal bill. You may consider filing a criminal complaint with the D.A. or police department submitting your evidence by certified mail if they are requesting or maybe have a motive of seeking money; extortion. If they do not investigate your claim, you can consider filing all information with the F.B.I. because there is a government agency involved. Then, you may consider filing your information with the Justice Department's victims units. There have been 351 men exonerated of rape allegations through https://www.innocenceproject.org/all-cases/#exonerated-by-dna (Innocenceproject.org). They show all the faces of men the Plaintiff(s) lied falsely accusing someone innocent. A person proving consensual sex is also a defense against false rape allegations. A man falsely accused should demand that a "rape kit" be taken. The kit may actually disprove a liars allegation about being raped, or if she was having sex with another person near the same time, and maybe not with you at all (physical evidence). You should make sure they get a sample of your DNA. Or, if it consensual it does not really matter there is nothing to prove with a DNA test. This criminal element may flush the truth out a person filing a false complaint. A false police report is a crime. Lying to the F.B.I. is a crime. But, Rod is not a lawyer and this is just his opinion. You should contact your attorney about these actions. Extortion Ring. If you are being harassed by a person, group of people, of people representing a group of people that has a past history of Blackmailing men. Blackmailing for money to keep sex secrets. Now they come after you. They have one of the people in the ring that Wilful and Wanton with malice fabricate false physical evidence to present to a future court. Maybe another who independently conspired another Wilful and Wanton with malice false rape allegation by using media to intimidate Defendant. The Plaintiff caught in the lie, then they admitted it waspremeditated lie, then you may have criminal extortion ring operating using media as a tool for extortion of money or anticipated benefits such as interfering with election results. If part of the organized ring, a few individuals are Wilfully and Wantonly committing criminal acts, then the whole criminal group could be criminal in conspiring with media and one another. Rico Statutes 18 U.S. CODE. Illegal or criminal is not just digging up truthful dirt, legal, but fabricating false evidence with malice to prosecute someone criminally for crimes for years of a couple of years to twenty years in prison. The criminals excuse of just playing is no excuse and should be prosecuted. 351 men "faces" spent those amount of years in jail for a person that told a lie not caught. A mandatory sentence of 5 years for false rape allegations should be imposed nationwide. Anyone with a previous history of lying to the F.B.I. or fabricating evidence challenged as not credible witness in any future case. Another politician or newspaper organization may be criminal negligent in aiding the conspiracy. The media reporting all their unsubstantiated allegation could be criminal negligence for nothing more than an accusation of this and that, like saying "You raped someone Mr. TV man and so did your girlfriend host rape a child. So, now disprove that allegation Mr. and Mrs. Television abuser while selling more TV adds, selling books, collecting more money selling newspapers, interfering with elections, profiting more off promoting the lie, an unsubstantiated claim. Criminal Conspiracy." But, Rod is not a lawyer, and this is just his opinion. More you show up with hearsay on TV? Less case may be. One should collect that kind of evidence for their attorney. 

In another story, after Rod's perfect finish 11/27/2017, but he won't change last post date, this incident was Retrieved: 

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/11/28/how-washington-post-exposed-effort-to-peddle-phony-allegations-against-roy-moore.html "a woman pose as someone who had been sexually victimized by Moore, the Republican Senate nominee in Alabama. The woman claimed in a series of interviews that she had a sexual relationship with the former judge when she was 15, that he impregnated her, and that he drove her to have an abortion." She later said the allegations were false. (Kurtz). #MeToo

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/08/roy-moore-accuser-admits-forged-part-yearbook-inscription-attributed-to-alabama-senate-candidate.html "(Serrie. Pappas.)  #MeToo

               http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/15/attorney-lisa-bloom-sought-to-line-up-paydays-for-women-accusing-trump-sexual-misconduct-report.html (No name cited).


Joyce, Kathleen. “Woman Pleads Guilty to Making up Rape Allegations against Two College Football Players.” Fox News, FOX News Network, 6 June 2018, www.foxnews.com/us/2018/06/06/woman-pleads-guilty-to-making-up-rape-allegations-against-two-college-football-players.html

The date 12 22 77 and additional text/writings added, she previously said the Defendant had written this.                                                 

Timeline, motive + intent? actus reus ("guilty act") and mens rea? Election 12-12-2017  

If someone elected by the people with unprovable sexual allegations, other than he-say and she-say evidence, the political tactic in 2016 - 2017, does Congress have jurisdiction, standing, legal authority, or grounds to investigate further interfering with election results, after the election? Did not the vote mean "The People" did not believe the allegations thinking they fabricated, tainted, or false? Sexist women may never allow another male to win any legislative seat. Would a body serve a legitimate purpose to bring group of women together to discuss, maybe already coached by lawyers, with colluded stories, without any cross-examination by opposing attorney? Rod talked about kangaroo court systems in Countries outside the U.S. near the end of this writing. In real court systems, witness should be kept separate, or at least told not to discuss their case with each other, so there is less accusation of collusion between the witnesses. Colluding between witnesses may be circumventing "Rules of Civil Procedure." Circumventing "Due Process." This collusion may give "cause" for an appeal of the evidence in a case. The testimonial evidence tainted. Then there is the unthinkable that a law enforcement officer is not honest, not free of deceit, untruthfulness, and may not be their to protect and serve: https://www.sltrib.com/news/nation-world/2018/04/25/former-police-officer-named-as-serial-killer/

In the above cases, Rod's question was, would the FBI be working with these women in many of these cases? Were they getting information from law enforcement to pursue large civil cases against rich men? Was information being leaked to their attorneys?


Cross-examination? Many times, a good attorney already knows the answer to the question before he asks you for the answer to the question. Depositions, cross-examination, and interrogatories are tools to solicit truths. Anything you say to officers may be held against you in the court of law. Yes, they sometimes may lie to solicit your statement. 


Hsu, Spencer S. “Ex-Justice Dept. Lawyer Caught in 'Most Serious' Internal Corruption Case in Recent Memory.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 8 Mar. 2018, www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/ex-justice-dept-lawyer-caught-in-most-serious-internal-corruption-case-in-recent-memory/2018/03/08/560071e2-2262-11e8-86f6-54bfff693d2b_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.0cc2ca3d54c0. "Wertkin worked from December 2010 to April 2016 in the department section responsible for recovering $4.7 billion in misspent tax dollars in 2016 alone. Under the False Claims Act, whistleblowers can receive part of recovered funds for tipping off fraud in government services and contracts by filing what are known as qui tam lawsuits under seal to protect their identities while the United States investigates. Wertkin “took grotesque advantage” of his government position by “shaking down companies” and revealing confidential information and “jeopardized the integrity of the civil justice system and unfairly cast a shadow over the work of the civil fraud section,” Harris said."Porter, Tom. “Martin Luther King's ‘Abnormal’ Sex Life of Orgies, Hookers... and Joan Baez-the Newly Released JFK File Reveals All.” Newsweek, 5 Nov. 2017, www.newsweek.com/declassified-jfk-file-details-fbi-sex-smears-about-martin-luther-king-701996 "When we look closely at this, what we see is that there is a person who is trying his best to damage Martin Luther King's reputation" 

[Rod’s legal question: Haven't man-hatter black widows, women hustlers, and the FBI put together false and unsubstantiated dossier claims against political opposition and wealthy men for a long time in History?Back to MLK? Back to Jesus? Now these profits, collusion, intimidation and lies can all but grow with the help of the right movements? "Public Fed up with Disgraced news reporting lies since 1985, at least!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKHZAC8p9pU ]

[If the strategy is to bring a preponderance of witnesses testifying, maybe falsely, on similar incidents, there has to be an alternate account and each person refuted because they never happened or misunderstood the incident if you are innocent and of course Rod would take the stand; let it fly, as he says. He does not understand why more people do not take that stand and testify to what really happened when they say they are innocent. After the jury deliberate, is a little late to add evidence to your case for an appeal.]

Snider, Brett. “Are Confidential Informants Credible? 5 Factors Courts Will Consider.” FindLaw Blotter, blogs.findlaw.com/blotter/2014/09/are-confidential-informants-credible-5-factors-courts-will-consider.html

Peter, Benjamin. “Avoiding an Online Prostitution Sting.” Guides - Avvo, 29 Oct. 2014, www.avvo.com/legal-guides/ugc/avoiding-an-online-prostitution-sting  "how police officers set up online prostitution stings to lure unsuspecting "johns" into a situation where they can be arrested for solicitation. Despite being known as the world's oldest profession, prostitution is thriving more than ever because of the Internet and websites like Craigslist and Backpage. Police officers know this and routinely setup online prostitution stings to try to crack down on this type of activity." 

[Rod’s legal question: Could women pros, sex workers, adult sex stars, informants, and materialistic women premeditated set up wealthy men to pay large sums of money for sex acts, hush money, extortion, do they have the skills, legal connections and protections, and many seem to have a lot of knowledge in sex-accusation law?]

American Man Culture under Attack. Foreigners and revoking Anti-American Citizenship becomes necessary? 

Black and White American men under attack. The subversive groups, subverting organizations, subverting laws, subverting media, subverting schools and colleges, international exchanges, funding subversive control over American kids, and subverting, undermining, and corrupting government; "peaceful overthrow," feminizing the American Man into submission of control. The Veteran Pledge. The American Citizen Pledge! We will defend this country against all anti-American groups foreign and domestic. Revoking U.S. citizenship is possible under federal law if a person, or group of people conspiring subversive acts, commits “any act of treason against, or attempting by force to overthrow, or bearing arms against, the United States.” 

http://www.worldtribune.com/londonistan-423-new-mosques-500-closed-churches/ (Staff, World Tribune, April 07, 2017). forcing their third-world cultures onto the American People. The first world nation. Freedom. The attacking of the man is why many are and have been third-world countries; third-world minds. The lack of freedom! Treason. Rod is not a lawyer but just an American citizen's opinion.

No thanks. You keep your third world cultures and we will keep our sexy loving culture between a man and a woman. 

In any country, they may consider another Foreign Country sending in workers overthrowing jobs by use of a Foreign Language, overthrowing the Country. The Foreign Language creates a Hostile Environment for the citizens of the country. Thus, this is a violent, hostile environment, overthrow rising in the primary country. You are a well educated American sent to work under group of people speaking some foreign inferior vulgar loud language on top that have half your wits limiting your advancement opportunities or your maximizing your potential. The lack of freedom to work and advance to the top by qualified American English speaking citizen on any job in his country. Treason. Pure Treason. Rod is not a lawyer but just an American citizen's opinion.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkcOryfu8X8  (Smith, Joe, October 10, 2011).

Case 1

Men are from Mars (Men Culture). Women Venus (Women Culture). Then there are Feminists. If you have a girlfriend and boyfriend, yes you are cheating with the threesome which could cause you a lot of future problems. Many think gay sexual behavior is horrible behavior that needs to be exposed. Above is a video showing how many women lead men on to get that first date, the first kiss, and then into a sexual relationship; maybe. As a manager, Rod knows many times wrong signals may be given at work also. You girls and guys have to be careful on the job and make sure you read and abide by company policy. If the company has no policy, then they cannot really blame an employee for violating a no policy. Report actions promptly. Rod released an employee for violating his company policy on that issue. Why would you report something in 30 years and not when it happens? Charlie Rose apologized for incident almost 30 years ago if they occurred, 1990, but then deny some truth to them. Rod's MBA Ethics Professor told the class that he had a harassment claim filed against him on an earlier job by a woman. Redundant, he married, well his wife became a sexual harassment attorney. EEOC statute of limitation on sexual harassment is 180 days from time of action. Some other States may give you longer. Men will have to start reporting sexual come-ons at work by women to protect themselves, from the woman retaliating, when they come-on, contributory. Yes. Rod filed one inappropriate come-on, informal of course, by a woman with authority that requested he meets her late evening in a small room on the job. They stayed friends, and nothing happened to her. He just covering why he did not show up. Many say a person has to have authority over you to file a successful claim. Why are companies settling claims before they go through the EEOC? Does the EEOC require a person to be released because of an allegation? A person should consider filing a counter lawsuit against frivolous claims. In today's climate, there are so many false allegations out there. False allegation being going on for decades, many have found television has created a better way to make a profit and intimidate the Defendant into paying before the court. But, some lawyers say do not sue people if they do not have money. You will not get paid, and you have to pick up the legal bill. Why Fox pay that much without first going to court? Did Everybody got paid? Defendant and Plaintiff. Better than court. Bandwagon Effect. 

http://caselaw.findlaw.com/sc-supreme-court/1042695.html "Special circumstantial evidence charge evidence charge has resulted mostly from a bandwagon effect." The STATE, Respondent, v. Labrone GRIPPON, Appellant. July 21, 1997. (Findlaw, 2017). The #MeToo case.

August 7, 2014, retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1087&v=udm4KhTWXQc (Wayne, Aug 7, 2014). Hey, Latino and Latinas in Las Vegas be having many kids having sex. Rod has not seen too many Latino men in accusations. Suave getting all the women. Besame, besame, suave, un poquito. Men that have no wants to become women. Women who like men and sex. More Bounce to the Ounce. Jungle Boogie. Just Chill.

But beware of the Corporate Woman Black Widow for years, decades, centuries, there has been a woman that prey on man. They lure men into their web with hopes of moving up the corporate ladder, the power ladder, quicker. They flirt, show cleavage, make inviting gestures, meet in weird circumstances, have a drink, a grope, maybe even a quickie-sex interlude, whatever it takes, whether he is married or not. Some call it sleeping their way to the top. He married often makes the black widow more pleased with her end goal, her catch, power. After the man falls into the web, he is trapped, he either pleases her needs, often money, paying bills, or the flirting, work play, his date request, becomes harassment. The trap set. The prey caught. Now, he spends, dies, or pays the "Hush Money." The Black Widow Spider has little feelings. She looks innocent. But, her bite is deadly. She moves on to capture bigger prey. She teaches others to prey on man. The blinded victim, the man, is giving in, to woman's lust, man desire, the tempest, and natural desire to please woman's desire for sex. You can google "Black Widow Mistress" to find out the depths they will go to destroy the one that gets mingled in their webs. If you have accepted "Hush Money," then you are no victim. You could have said no thank you, it was really the principle and not the money. An apology and discipline would have been satisfactory to many. But, in the end, it was really the money. The "Hush Money." After the "Hush Money" spent, they may appear again for more money. Double-dippers. A television spot. A book deal. Maybe a movie deal. More money.

ROD the Baptist. Rod know that law and all those false women false accusations stuff happen to many great men. He has never attempted any personal contact with, but only one person, of the 100,000 people he listed on Twitter in all the years opened. He professional. Remember young fellows, a lot of women will give up the sex pretty easy, flirt, lead you on, and a lot will cry foul if they are broke up with from the man, or finances cut off from the fling on the side kept quiet. They did not get paid right, did not get that raise, or did not get that promotion. Many desire a need to become famous riding someone that is famous, the book deal, be on television, etc. Never pay them off before the court. Take it to court. They do not talk about the times they grabbed a man's crotch. His privates. Or, what they asked you for and did not get. The false accuser contributory actions made of lust and want. However, false accuser's illegitimate claim makes less believable when real acts do happen. To take every frivolous, nonsensical allegation serious would shut down sex between free men and women; shut down the courtrooms. Google search! Sometimes, it is all about the money or hates for "human race of men." Man living is a "Sexist Smear" to some "Mad as a Hatter" women; by some bi-women that think the "man, himself" existing, is the symbol of sexism. Rod had his crotch grabbed by a few women with their hands. The double standard in sexism women. It is just foreplay and fun as long as they are doing the playing. We thought we were grownups. Maybe he was sexually abused too. But, they later had sex on another date; kids. So, maybe the lady did not sexual abuse his crotch. Consensual crotch grabbing, groping, in the mood crotch grabbing or booty or titty grabbing, kissing, smooching, during consensual sexual relations, or consensual dates, is not a violation of sex; it should only get you nominal damages in court but a spot on Fox News, CNN, Ricky Lake Show and Richard Springer in the 80s, or the National Enquirer if you are famous and have a little money. Every time you have sex, pre-sex, date sex, you have to grope somebody first. But, not at work folks. When Rod was in High School, girls told boys, "if you have to ask me to kiss me or put your penis in me, then don't. You are not a man. It should feel and come naturally." However, Smut TV people want to be on TV telling someone all their business about who they had some form of pre-sex with when it is a famous person. 

In that innocent picture above, that girl is kind of innocently touching that guy's crotch area but she is not famous. Some people will be idiot boxes just to be on television. If you are on a date, I image the defense would be it was consensual at the time and if not you should apologize for the misunderstanding; maybe you were lead to believe it was consensual and okay. She grabbed or rubbed your crotch so you grabbed her titties Then you describe the circumstances which led you to believe this. Television makes ridiculous issues about sex to serious which makes serious issues about sex abuse less serious. Tune it out and turn the channel. If you fill your mind with that stuff, you do not have time to maximize your success in life and that becomes your next generation of foolish people. Asia now has more billionaires than the United States, and other countries are leading in education, innovation, child reproduction, and technology while your children watch Smut TV teachers daily. The teachers should take responsibility for where they have taken many American children. That is Rod's commentary on that issue.

Mental Illness. Mary Magdalene accused the only woman Jesus had sex. She was rumored to be a prostitute and only woman Jesus had sex, married. She was a woman of high standing and comfortable circumstances, but she suffered from sex-insanity at times that Jesus calmed; saved her. Rod believes she had OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Her over-desire to have sex. Howard Hughes was said to have this. Rod thinks Julius Caesar may have had OCD in his sex romps with Cleopatra VII. She was a black lady, Queen of Egypt, but rumored or accused to be the whore of Egypt by hatters, he had a wife in Rome, because of their baby to heir Rome. She brought the black baby to Rome. Caesar killed. OCD happened to Great people throughout history. If you are or were having too much sex or doing crazy stuff involving sex, you may need to talk to your physician about an OCD breakdown. 

Grownups are under the Rule of God. They, not Jesus. Yeap. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and maybe you have friends that have sex and do oddities. So do they, that they, you, hide in fear. Do not be surprised if you, yourself, make headlines one day. Will they hate you as much as they hated Jesus? Mary Magdalene and Mary loved him while on the Cross while others ran away. Or, have they compassion as they wanted when it discovered they have cancer on their dying bed? Disease body includes the mind and judged no worse. Or did they plead for forgiveness from God who had final Judgment? He not fooled. The same person in the media today asking someone to resign or step-down today may be the same person in the media telling you how much you need to forgive someone else's faults tomorrow or hypocritically yesterday. Politics not made in Heaven. Psalm 19:12 says "But who can discern their own errors? Forgive my hidden faults." This is a great time for all America and the World to enter into Repentance and accept the Lord is the message of today. It is when you start thinking that you are God, Jesus, Messiah, or Perfect that you will self-destruct; destroy yourselves from within with lies about who you really are "Not Perfect." Or maybe, it is God that has chosen to destroy you. You prove that in the Media each day that God is in need. You need to step up and stop stepping down which led you to your transgressions. Step up. Step up. Step up. Hallelujah. More: 

Psalm 32:5 says
Then I acknowledged my sin to you and did not cover up my iniquity. I said, "I will confess my transgressions to the LORD." And you forgave the guilt of my sin.
Psalm 79:9 says
Help us, God our Savior, for the glory of your name; deliver us and forgive our sins for your name's sake.
Psalm 130:4 says
But with you there is forgiveness, so that we can, with reverence, serve you.
Isaiah 55:7 says
Let the wicked forsake their ways and the unrighteous their thoughts. Let them turn to the LORD, and he will have mercy on them, and to our God, for he will freely pardon.

Illegal Drugs and Opioid Crisis Rod has never used any illegal drugs, weed, or medical marijuana entirety of his life. Rod has no desire to mess up his great mind. Rod is no addict, no opioid user nor codeine user, nor hydrocodonen addict, nor etc. He uses mild pain medicine for back pain that helps him work and set without agonizing, about pain all day. Pain been around for a decade more for Rod. He can take one to two pills a day as needed depending on activity or none at all sometimes when not needed. He makes that choice not the doctor. It is not going away cause someone pass a new law or declare a war on pain. 2017 War on Veterans. Rod talked to a white lady 72 at Golden Corral Veteran's Day. She said they had her sign a paper that she would not sell her pain medicine. She was highly insulted. She knew several veterans that committed suicide because VA refused them pain medicine. They could no longer stand the pain. Rod offered codeine-cough syrup. Rod rejected it, never get that in his records, hooked on drugs. But, they managed to drug test, Rod. The VA used someone else's medical records using medical marijuana to drug test Rod. Oh, Rod knows the guy. They sent the evidence, the other patient's name, home in a home test for cancer screening with Rod. He noticed the name and found out about the drug test weeks later. Yes. A dozen test. No drugs or opioid use. Recently in the emergency room another veteran begging for pain medication that they refused him; his side of face swollen from what they put him on. Then there was Stanley Gibson killed in Las Vegas several years ago, shot in the back 7 times. Rod thinks the proximate cause was probably the denial of pain medication. No. Rod never had PTSD; nor does he claim such. The War on America, Veterans Crisis. Pain from cancer could give a patient PTSD, Stanley Gibson.

Sex, Lies, and Physical Evidence. Women have to do their due diligence right away filing a formal complaint, not wait till you no longer having sex, flirting, missed the promotion, lost the raise, lost the man, did not get paid, not paid enough, that is called extortion that a lot of times go unreported by men. Very suspicious, when every woman you screwed come out 20 years and say you raped/sexually assaulted everybody you had sex contacts. The jealous mistress-effect should be a crime itself; money; extortion legally through courts. One tells another you paid, many others coming to set-you-up. The disgruntled employee, jealous employee, a man-hater gay woman, the "misandry," defined is hatred and prejudice by feminist against men and little boys as well, or as the fired employee is even more vindictive many times with false payback allegations and ventral hate. The key interrogatory to ask is how many written complaints were already on file post-date to mere allegations of some wrongdoing, not necessarily those written after the fact as revenge filings, fabricated stories released years later, or seeking money from unrecorded written incidents, hearsay, known as the bandwagon-effect in law. Many prosecutors, attorneys, and judges know this and see this in their courtrooms every year, especially when the man perceived to be wealthy. Some use prosecutorial discretion while others may use prosecutorial misconduct. The good ones do not allow it. Then again, some unscrupulous attorneys try to cause this effect with free advertisements on the major networks and talk shows; not very ethical. A lot of people want to be famous. Rod can say that he has never sexually abused, sexually assaulted, no sexual harassment, no unwanted come-ons, nor unwanted sexual advances in his history. Rod had a lot of sex in his years, but sex is not that hard to get, and all sex he had, has been consensual entirety of his life. We had some great times. Thanks. I still remember. Rod has turned down sex on some occasions. Rod settled down in marriage for about ten years. She was wonderful and cooked southern meals. Rod married real quick. Key to Rod's heart was not sex; it was a loving meal.

Rod ran a business, looked wealthy, owned and operated several businesses, and he never tried to screw or flirt with women he hired; it is against the law. But, he did have an affair with a hot chick outside the business. That happened to Rod early in business. She was about ten years older than Rod. Rod never had sex with anyone younger than him but his two-year High-school girlfriend, she 16 and he 17. He thinks she later became a Police Officer. He was voted by school classmates to "become the most successful doing something" and Vice President of Student Body. Thanks Steff, she stood by Rod, lead that campaign with some of our other friends, and won. Yeap. Yeap. Dan River High, the Big DR. Back to the case, Rod acted detective and lawyer built a case against accuser that lied; she never showed up for court. Kevin Hart recently went through something similar. The Hustle. Some women will play up to you, lead you on, grab your crouch, try to get you to have sex, then pop it on you; they want money. You thought it was just a mutual one time sex affair in the heat of the moment passion thing. Maybe they will become a future double-dipper for money, which you will be paying them or they threaten to tell your wife or file a false police report of some sexual accusation. They will not tell you they are hustling before sex because you may not have sex with them and they think that makes them a prostitute. Rod would not pay off that kind of thing because they know you and can blackmail you for life. Even, twenty-years later. Rod told the police, at the time, it was extortion. Kevin Hart went to the police was the right thing. Rod did the same. The lady knew Rod had a business, a wife, and had access to a lot of money. Today, Rod would not pay off another scam like that either. Beware, he would alert the police that it was a scam; extortion plot, and go right back to court if necessary. So if you read this, and if anyone contacts him in the future, it is a scam; it is extortion. Hollywood has gone crazy.

Rod has only spent one overnight in jail in his entire life. It was too late to disturb someone to bring bail. He took the top bunk. No. No homosexual tried to rape Rod that night. The fellas were pretty cool. Rod played cards and watched the tube. But, there were some with sheet-ed off bunks probably getting their sex on. A good liar can get you arrested, fabricate a great story, but a good attorney and court system can expose the liar for what they are "a Liar." Now, you become that person. That was twenty years ago for Rod. He was charged with Sexual Assault, which is the lesser of the lesser, lesser than, much lesser than rape. Rod had not been drinking during the incident. His wife paid the $800 bail bondsman and Rod was release to appear in court at a later time for arraignment. The allegation and charge were dismissed at arraignment. The accusation was later dismissed. This and that hearsay? Some old news to the people he knows. It was very serious at the time, sad, mad, anger, and then forgiveness but was no secret. A lot of people joked and whispered. Rod got over embarrassment. He talks about it today because everybody he knows, already knows. You are talking twenty year old news. As of 2017, that was the only sexual allegation made against Rod in his life. Of course, it was false. Many called Rod the "Come Back Kid."

Actually, Rod did not want to have sex with her because her privates were unclean. The sex in this sex affair lasted about 30 seconds or so when Rod noticed this. He stopped. She asked him twice to keep having sex. He refused. She asked him three times for sex. Then her revenge anger took over. Rod was going to have to pay for wasting her time. He would love to write the whole story, but that would not be respectful. She never showed up for the court, but Rod did with a briefcase full of facts. What the lady said made no sense at all to Rod, and the evidence that he collected did not match, contradicted, the claim she initially made. The true facts of the case, physical evidence, circumstantial evidence, pictures, and timeline did not match her fabricated claim against Rod. He gave evidence to the police department and had an interview with police detectives. He answered all their questions. Maybe it did not make sense to others either. She eventually told the police the truth as the evidence piled on to what had happened, as one officer informed Rod to what she said. Rod never had any contact with her after they attempted sex. The lady prosecutor apologized to Rod through his lady attorney. The case was dismissed with the no-show from the lady. Rod told that the lady had a lot of money and drug problems and declined to show up. A ladies lies can destroy a man if lies go uncontested. So fight if you not guilty is what a police officer told Rod. Rod told his attorney to tell the lady prosecutor that he had no hard feelings against the lady, one-night-stand and hoped she was getting treatment for the drug problem. Rod chose not to pursue the issue that she had filed a false police report which was a crime because they explained the reasons for her making the false allegation, drug addiction. The incident is seven pages, Chapter Two titled "Sex Scandal, Setup, and The Question Of Extortion". Women make false accusations, allegations, often to improve their finances in intimidation lawsuits which they think you are wealthy. Now, you can tell everybody. I'm a Man. A Man. A Man. Mary Magdalene and Mary loved him while on the Cross while others ran away. Angel Gabriella loved Rod.

            Innocent Until Proven Guilty In The Court of Law. In addition, Rod studied this in MBA Ethics class by a woman invited attorney to teach the subject. The man does not have to step down because of mere accusations. If he is made to step down and the accusations are later found false, he may have an actionable claim against the company who made him step down. The parties only have to be separated until the false, as the man or woman may see them, is disproved. Rod would never step down from anything falsely made because the evidence is out there in your favor. Her lie easily disproved that she did not show up for court. 

When Rod further read a Criminal Justice book in 2018, it was Rod who was sexually assaulted, not the accuser. When Rod told her no, it meant no, but she made threats if he did not continue sex with her and what she would do when she became angry about him not wanting to keep having sex with her. Rod was the Victim. Just Change the "she" to 'he" in the next paragraph, "[t]he crime of rape therefore is necessarily committed when a victim withdraws her (his} consent during an act of sexual intercourse but is forced to complete the act ... Nor did he threaten any consequences if Laura did not comply. " [But, she did in Rod's case. (P 364-365, Podgor, Peter J. Hemming, Taslitz, Garcia).

Remember folks, in America; you are innocent until proven guilty in an official court of law. Most attorneys would tell you to plead that way because you may be guilty or not guilty of something even though charged because of mitigating circumstances. Hearsay-evidence, he-said = she-said, is not a real valid argument in court (Who are you to determine whether someone is innocent or guilty, you read minds, have supernatural powers, or are you God-complexed, or just stupid and think people do not lie for money and politics?). In a valid justice system, such as America, prior guilty incidents, records, charges, does not mean you are guilty of any present accusations or charges. They are separated and often not allowed in court or can be argued prejudicial to the Defendant. Many weak cases are preferable fought in the media that an attorney know could never win in court. Many Plaintiffs' attorneys or representatives try to hide exculpatory evidence, avoid interrogatories about facts of a case, or avoid cross-examinations and depositions which could expose lies by the Plaintiff (s). A strong case does not need the media's help to weigh-in and taints the jury pool per say; papers are filed or appropriately fought in the courts giving "consideration" to all parties. A dismissal of lawsuit or claim filed for tainted jury pools by media. If not, a cause for an appeal petitioned for the undue process; further a petition Writ of Certiorari to the Supreme Court. Sexual abuse is being over-used from a wrong-stare too past relationships gone bad too more serious offenses as meaning the same. They are not equal treatment in law.

“State v. Clovis.” Justia Law, law.justia.com/cases/kansas/supreme-court/1991/64458-2.html. The State appeals the dismissal with prejudice of two counts of a multiple-count complaint as a sanction for the State's failure to comply with a discovery order to disclose the identity of a confidential informant. … was working as an undercover informant for the Salina Police Department and made a controlled buy of two pounds of methamphetamine

“Disclosing a Confidential Informant – Case of the Week #2.” HateJail.com, www.matthewglassmanlaw.com/blog-1/2016/4/11/disclosing-a-confidential-informant-case-of-the-week-2. With a law enforcement “handler” not present, a CI can use whatever method they want to attempt to entice or pressure someone to engage in criminal activity. This is troubling and brings us to this week’s case of Mr. Hill v. State.Special Report, oig.justice.gov/special/0509/chapter3.htm. The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Compliance with the Attorney General's Investigative Guidelines (Redacted) Special Report September 2005 Office of the Inspector General Chapter Three: The Attorney General's Guidelines Regarding the Use of Confidential Informants. Criminal Prosecution of Informants. FBI Misconduct Relating to Informants. The Benefits and Risks of Using Confidential Informants in FBI Investigations.

Staff, LII. “Rule 901. Authenticating or Identifying Evidence.” LII / Legal Information Institute, 5 Dec. 2011, www.law.cornell.edu/rules/fre/rule_901. (6) Evidence About a Telephone Conversation. For a telephone conversation, evidence that a call was made to the number assigned at the time to: (A) a particular person, if circumstances, including self-identification, show that the person answering was the one called

Porter, Tom. “Martin Luther King's ‘Abnormal’ Sex Life of Orgies, Hookers... and Joan Baez-the Newly Released JFK File Reveals All.” Newsweek, 5 Nov. 2017, www.newsweek.com/declassified-jfk-file-details-fbi-sex-smears-about-martin-luther-king-701996. "When we look closely at this, what we see is that there is a person who is trying his best to damage Martin Luther King's reputation [Rod’s legal question: Political Dossiers against opposition, Informants, Government, and FBI History]

Snider, Brett. “Are Confidential Informants Credible? 5 Factors Courts Will Consider.” FindLaw Blotter, blogs.findlaw.com/blotter/2014/09/are-confidential-informants-credible-5-factors-courts-will-consider.html.

Peter, Benjamin. “Avoiding an Online Prostitution Sting.” Guides - Avvo, 29 Oct. 2014, www.avvo.com/legal-guides/ugc/avoiding-an-online-prostitution-sting. how police officers set up online prostitution stings to lure unsuspecting "johns" into a situation where they can be arrested for solicitation. Despite being known as the world's oldest profession, prostitution is thriving more than ever because of the Internet and websites like Craigslist and Backpage. Police officers know this and routinely setup online prostitution stings to try to crack down on this type of activity. [Rod’s legal question: Could women pros, sex workers, informants, and materialistic women premeditated set up wealthy men to pay large sums of money for sex acts, hush money, extortion, do they have the skills, legal connections and protections, and many seem to have a lot of knowledge in sex-accusation law?]

In many communist Latin and Asian countries, socialist semi-communist countries in Europe and Middle-East, and lynchings of old, kangaroo systems and such, maybe some today countries, you are guilty until proven innocent if affordable. An opinion; when the Media go beyond reporting news or Congress go beyond proper procedures of a hearing, to acting as a kangaroo court to trial, judge, and execute sentences on people without all evidence, especially when it is political in nature and criminal, circumventing the court system, circumventing Due Process, they may have overstepped their bounds. If you say you believe one person's word over another without hearing all evidence in a contested case, then you are not a proper juror to be involved in deciding on a case in public or the court of law. Thank goodness America we have a legally valid court system based on Freedom. And God; The Final Judge on the judges.

            Fabricating, Making, False Evidence. Congress passed a new law in 2017 which invites more misconduct by those in social media. Anytime you try to create and fabricate false evidence, after the fact of an event, you may think you are a good citizen, but you are doing a criminal act. You are the bad guy, even if you work with the Government if you try to use that false created evidence to frame someone in court. That law is terrible so retire like Rod, folks. Rod has to stay off the net because too many bad people with evil intent now connected committing malicious acts. Much has become very unpleasant environment to continue research and some entertainment. We are tuning out much of that bad news. Rod beginning to believe that this year, the more bad news reported, the more bad news committed. Many want to be famous. Man, this writing stated out short. Rod loves the law, but he is not a lawyer. If you are in a legal bind, you should contact a legal attorney in your State or the National Law Bar Association. This writing is only Rod's opinion. This writing was written by Rod. So, do not go out and do what Rod would do, or have done, without seeking legal counsel and legal advice.

ROD The Judge vs. Television Judge. Last Post: 11/27/2017. 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 = 7 + 7 + 7 = 21 which means it is now perfect; it finished. Today, the winds blew with the same ferocity, if not more, than the day Rod wrote the Final Judgment. Signs in the winds.    

            God's family tree is mixed race, but it is not about racism. Black racist, white racist, brown racist, red racist, all the same in God's eyes: 666. Freedom is about justice. If you can frame who you call a white racist you can frame me in that same system you are trying to create. They can frame you in that same system that they try to create. Even the dirtiest person in your eyes should get a corrupt free judgment. Jesus executed as a criminal in an unjust court system. God's Son. Rod's family is a mixed race Family Tree, so he does not support black, white, red, yellow, brown or blue racist. He has black, white, red, yellow, brown, and some odd colors in his family tree. But, he will give everyone equitable justice as required by American Citizens. Many Americans fill this way. Many in America are not American.

       The 2017 American Job Issues. We cannot find anyone to work construction, agriculture or top jobs. Na. You speak Spanish-only at the top so, nobody wants to work other than Spanish only in those Spanish Only America Sectors. You get a Black, Asian, Indian, or White employee, you often give them twice as much work as the Spanish worker that you normally have two doing the work or job of the one American. Sound like you? Try to make them quit and call it bad performance. Sound like you too? You speak English, but Spanish only to create a hostile, discriminatory work environment. This disqualifies qualified workers and prevents them from supervising because the labor force under them, can speak English, but will not. They know what they are doing. Malicious Intent.

Here are some more issues: 

Man@You need a Hair Cut 

What-up Nappy head? Scary. Can you speak Third-World too in US. Oh, you homeless. No. Go2Barbershop!

Got be Smart MF today 

One of the smartest that I have seen tweeting. He got to be a bot. Keep up the good work.

Ola, rU Bilingual Racist?

UDetermined myface Black/White/Asian/Indian, spoke English, Yourface Spanish Only, UHire same. CodeNoEnglish.

Club Nite DressCode 

No saggy pants no sneakes no oversize shirts or pants no jereseys, no... hey sharpe but Jeanscool

Work Dress Code

For the more elite workers on the job. You got a lot of competition. They look a lot better dressed.


Bi-sexual men, Lgbt and condoms, HIV infects 12,000+women a week! Stay straight,

Only Good as Your Boss 

Many bosses not good, bad, blame employees. Bad Boss = Bad employee performance/production/failures


Show 10 sports that women out perform man; no equal performance=lesser value=lesser pay=prorated=<$

Children Should Work Lazy 

Start Achieving early rich people teach their kids, work in sports, music, military, farms, businesses are okay at an early 


The Vegas Homeless Strip

No Welcome sign these city limits: Starts Owens&LasVegasBlvd Addictions W&B joblessnes<>Spanish-only


               We got plenty of jobs but cannot find workers. Ah, our industry has converted to Spanish only on top. You no move up, you speak no Spanish. You increasing jobs in the areas increases the need for more Spanish Immigrants in many areas. These generally do not hire White, Indian, Asian, and Black Americans because of the Spanish only communication. Spanish-only speaking discrimination disqualifies many qualified applicants because the workforce below them refuse their supervision because they refuse to speak and communicate in English, even though many of them speak English. This disqualifies non-Spanish managers from moving up on these jobs to make changes to the discriminatory Latino workforce composition. Malicious Intent. After generation, the White, Black, Asians, and Indians pushed into poverty. They and their children know no better, or know no different system, and accept The optimist doesn't see everything good; but has the ability to find some good in present job.

Rape Shield Laws

The rape-shield law G.L. c.233, Section 2lB, enacted to prevent such harassment and character assassination of a complainant, states,

“Evidence of the reputation of a victim's sexual conduct shall not be

admissible in any investigation or proceeding before a grand jury or any court of the commonwealth . . . Evidence of specific instances of a

victim’s sexual conduct in such an investigation or proceeding shall not

be admissible except evidence of the victim's sexual conduct with the

defendant or evidence of recent conduct of the victim alleged to be the

cause of any physical feature, characteristic, or condition of the victim ….”

But, G.L. c. 233, Section 2lB, as amended by St.1983, c.367.

The statute does not preclude all evidence of a complainant's sexual conduct. See, e.g. Commonwealth v. Joyce, ("evidence of prior acts, statements of circumstances may be relevant to show a complainant's motive to accuse falsely.

Where such evidence is relevant to show a motive to lie, the trial judge must whether the weight and the relevance of the evidence to the defense are sufficient to outweigh its prejudicial effect on the alleged victim.

The only problem Rod would argue in this incident is that she may have had sex, rough sex with her boyfriend, to tear he vaginal walls, and several hours later take a rape kit, to claim the defendant was the one that tore her vaginal walls, so the incident should be allowed into the grand jury.

We think that the defendant's theory that a woman traumatized by rape would not have sex with her boyfriend soon after the event is speculative at best. In weighing the potential prejudice to the victim, the judge also could properly consider the possibility that the evidence would appeal to unfounded and antiquated of sodomy and unnatural acts to gain additional story of rape to provide an excuse for her return home at 5 A.M The defendant here contends that the excluded necessary to attack the victim's credibility.

The victim testified during trial that she was psychologically injured and traumatized by the rape. Evidence that the victim had sexual intercourse soon after the rape, and that she waited nearly twelve hours to report the rape, would, the defendant argues, tend to show that "she was not truly traumatized and psychologically injured," thus casting doubt as to whether her encounter with the defendant was nonconsensual.

In another case, the court concluded that the excluded testimony could explain why the complainant had waited nine months to report the rape to her parents and then did so only after an anonymous caller spoke to her father so they allowed it as a motive.

(Podger, Henning, Taslitz, and Garcia P. 382)

Rod thinks one crime does not make you guilty of another crime; even if it is the same crime, and if Rape Shield is to protect promiscuity from a lady, maybe bad acts, or criminal sex acts, character and behavior, the next rule contradicts its premise by allowing Rule 413 which, would it only apply to a man:

But, The Rule permits the introduction of propensity evidence regarding the defendant, which would otherwise be excluded by the evidence rule. In United States v. BIue Bird,372 F.3d 989 (8th Cir. 2004), the court explained:Rule 413 allows propensity evidence, "[e]vidence of other crimes ." to prove the character of a person in order to show action in conformity therewith." Cf. Fed.R.Evid. 404(b).

(Podger, Henning, Taslitz, and Garcia P. 384)

Then there come the issue of entrapment in sex acts, if the rape shield protects prior bad acts of a woman, how hard is it to prove entrapment and extortion in the court room.

Culpability Required Unless Otherwise Provided. When the culpability Sufficient to establish a material element of an offense is not prescribed by law, such element is established if a person acts purposely, knowingly or recklessly with respect thereto.

Whether or not the evidence is competent to support the request for the “Mistake of Fact” jury instruction is critical to our decision.

"The refusal to allow an instruction requested by the defendant when due process requires the defendant's instruction be given is reversible error per se.”*** [The court then discusses two prior cases, Olen and Thom, and finds them controlling precedent.]


Shaw, Adam. “Trump Challenges Dems after Kavanaugh Accuser Allegedly

Admits to Making False Rape Claim.” Fox News, FOX News Network, www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-challenges-dems-after-kavanaugh-accuser-allegedly-admits-to-making-false-rape-claim "The accusations were initially made via a “Jane Doe” letter to Sen. Kamala Harris’ {ex-prosecutor], D-Calif., office in September. Ms. Munro-Leighton submitted a fabricated allegation, which diverted Committee resources,” Grassley’s office said." 

P. 327 Fisher writes, "If sexual predisposition is a meaningful construct, then why not admit it against the victim in consent-defense rape cases? The answer is that once there is a rape prosecution, we have a piece of information whose significance overwhelms any relevance that the sexual propensity data would have --- the victim swears that, on the occasion in question, she did not consent. Consider what this means.. [W]e would not expect a person --- regardless of whether she is sexually active --- to claim falsely that a consensual sexual act in which she participate was actually a rape... To make a rape accusation falsely thus represents an act of significant treachery and dishonesty. The false rape accuser is accordingly a bad (and deviant) actor not for having had consensual sex in the first place, but for having later made a false accusation about it..." (Fisher).

P. 334 "Allen gives a defendant the right to cross-examine the victim and to present evidence regarding prior false allegations of sexual molestation by the victim, in the event the court determines there are prior false allegations of sexual molestation by the victim." (Fisher).

P. 334 "... La. C.E. art. 412 bars the introduction of evidence of the victim's behavior with person other than the accused ... is admissible to challenge the source of semen or injury, and evidence of past sexual behavior with the defendant is admissible to show the victim consented to the behavior. 1 ..." (Fisher).

P. 335 "In the event the court determines there are prior false allegations of sexual molestation by the victim, the defendant shall be allowed to cross-examine the victim and to present evidence regarding same at trial.... but rather impeachment evidence used to attack the victim's credibility." (Fisher).

P. 317, "Hall's Theory," the Wyoming high court wrote in reviewing the case, "was that Schriner was a methamphetamine addict who used such threats to gain one sort of advantage or another, thus to promote her own self-interest." (Fisher)
P. 330, "The Basic problem with existing rape-shield legislation is its failure to distinguish between benign and invidious uses of sexual conduct evidence. The failure stems from a misconception by the drafters of the precise wrong to be redressed by reform legislation. The result is merely bad evidence law; in many instances, the result is constitutional problems that stem from unnecessarily broad enactments.  The various problems could have been avoided{if} legislators had clearly understood the underlying evidentiary concepts and had properly incorporated those concepts in the rape-Shield statutes." (Fisher)

P. 323, "No judge should ever let a sex-offense go to the jury unless the female complainant's social history and mental makeup have been examined and testified to by a qualified physician." (Fisher)

Note: "This is about past sexual conduct. If strictly false accusation, can impeach but only if she testifies." (Fisher).

Admissible Evidence P. 333, "In response, defense counsel argued the evidence was not barred by article 412 because the allegation was false and not of prior sexual behavior, but rather evidence of the victim's state of mind." (Fisher).                                                                                                              

Admissible Evidence P. 334, " ... La. C.E. art 412 bars the introduction of evidence of the victims's past sexual behavior with persons other than the accused ... is admissible to challenge the source of semen of injury and evidence of past sexual behavior with the defendant is admissible to show the victim consented to the behavior..." (Fisher).


                             Case 2

“An affirmative defense such as choice of evils provides a legal justification for otherwise criminally culpable behavior. A defendant who asserts an Affirmative defense admits the doing of a charged act, but seeks to justify the act of grounds deemed by law to be sufficient to avoid criminal responsibility.(Podger, Henning, Taslitz, and Garcia P. 630) For instance, one type of case is "DIMINISHED CAPACITY.""[T]he diminished capacity defense is available in West Virginia to permit a defendant to introduce expert testimony regarding a mental disease or defect that rendered the defendant incapable, at the time the crime was committed, of forming a mental state that is an element of the crime charged." "Extreme emotional disturbance . . . is . . . an affirmative defense upon which the burden of persuasion rests on the defendant. * * "To sustain his burden of establishing extreme emotional disturbance by a preponderance of the evidence, the defendant must persuade the trier of fact that: (1) the emotional disturbance is not a mental disease or defect that rises to the level of insanity as defined by the penal code; (2) the defendant was exposed to an extremely unusual and overwhelming state, that is, not mere annoyance or unhappiness; and (3) the defendant had an extreme emotional reaction to it, as a result of which there was a loss of self-control, and reason was overborne by extreme intense feeling, such as passion, anger, distress, grief, excessive agitation or other similar emotions." * * *” (Podger, Henning, Taslitz, and Garcia P. 690) The defendant became distress from working 18 to 20 hours a day, seven days a week, for an extended period of time, in a self-owned business that a Psychologist determined to be OCD, obsession compulsion disorder, ie: work-aholic. In addition, his wife was eight months pregnant and he was pretty much in a state of a different celibacy abstaining in marriage but with no sexual relations for that period of time, and after a drink, beer, in a state of confusion, extreme emotional reaction, he was out of town from his wife, about to turn in for the night, missing her, in his twenties, and masturbated in public, but he initially thought it was private, seen by a man and woman, simultaneous, which was definitely an extreme emotional reaction, seen by a couple of people that may have called police. The Defendant was given an open beer, grog, by two strangers that the defendant had met moments earlier. They were working in the same field so he had no reason to suspect that the grog, beer, may have been spiked with something. He was in a state of confusion, distressed, felt bad and depressed, and set on a curb for about a half hour waiting on police when he could have just got in his truck and drove off. He stood up when he saw the officer, and said, "here I am" He was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and release after a couple of hours because he was on a business trip and presented no harm to the public. He received a breathalyzer and was not public-intoxicated. He pleaded no contest in court and later remanded to see a psychologist or psychiatrist for mental illness. He was diagnosed above. On his return to court, he received no jail time and release to the care of his dad. Now, many laugh at these kind of mental break downs; but mental illness is no laughing matter, even if it temporary. He continued with a normal life after that extreme breakdown.

“An affirmative defense such as choice of evils provides a legal justification for otherwise criminally culpable behavior. A defendant who asserts an Affirmative defense admits the doing of a charged act, but seeks to justify the act of grounds deemed by law to be sufficient to avoid criminal responsibility. For instance, one type of case is "DIMINISHED CAPACITY.""[T]he diminished capacity defense is available in West Virginia to permit a defendant to introduce expert testimony regarding a mental disease or defect that rendered the defendant incapable, at the time the crime was committed, of forming a mental state that is an element of the crime charged." "Extreme emotional disturbance . . . is . . . an affirmative defense upon which the burden of persuasion rests on the defendant. * * "To sustain his burden of establishing extreme emotional disturbance by a preponderance of the evidence, the defendant must persuade the trier of fact that: (1) the emotional disturbance is not a mental disease or defect that rises to the level of insanity as defined by the penal code; (2) the defendant was exposed to an extremely unusual and overwhelming state, that is, not mere annoyance or unhappiness; and (3) the defendant had an extreme emotional reaction to it, as a result of which there was a loss of self-control, and reason was overborne by extreme intense feeling, such as passion, anger, distress, grief, excessive agitation or other similar emotions." * * 

The Code further specifies that involuntary intoxication is an affirmative defense.
*” (Podger, Henning, Taslitz, and Garcia P. 699, 706) 

Probably, no more than six months after I received my Honorable, I might say PROBLEM and OCD may have reached the severity points.

Discharge. I was having severe problems with diabetes. I owned a produce business and drove a truck long distance regularly and with the diabetes when I had to pee many times I had to pull over off the shoulder of the road or median and pee. Sometimes, I may have been seen which I felt bad. Within the six months, I know it now, but not then, not even sure that it was a word in 1993, PROBLEM from the OCD. The stressor for PROBLEM and Depression and OCD, for me were two “failure” “pain” and “obsessive-eating” VA Doctors noted it in my records. “Failure” and “over-eating” and “pain” were the stressors for OCD, Depression and PROBLEM. From reading, a stressor is an event or occurrence during service that caused the veteran’s PROBLEM. The Doctor in his notes said the stressor “failure” and he indirectly said “depression” that I felt bad, but did not say depression in the notes, he named exactly what the stressors at the time was, “a ‘failing’ business” bringing about “depressing circumstances.” My wife was eight months pregnant. I was trying to keep the business, two locations, going with her conditions. We were not having sex, my testimonies built up, and like diabetes, I had to go, but working eighteen to twenty-hour days, I had not or sometimes could not find a place to go driving a truck, so a few times, I think three, I pulled over in my truck, and got relief after I finish peeing. I felt great after the relief, but if seen by a passing car, I felt bad. I generally slept where I pulled off to pee; letting you know how tired and stressed I was during those times. Well, around the fourth time, I stopped to get a room, to sleep, to pee, and to get relief. My wife and I were not having sex; for about eight months. I may have drunk a beer or two. I stopped at a hotel, had a drink of grog, beer or alcohol, with some guys in my same field of work, I did not know them, it may have been spiked, and proceeded to check into the hotel, no one was in the teller area, so I would give up, and get relief there and leave. Well, along the end, a man passed by, and I turned into the teller window, just as I got relief, a grandma figure came out, and I was totally distraught. I walked around the corner, did not leave, and set down really feeling bad. I figured the police would come. I must have set there for a half hour and could have left; they finally showed up. I needed help, someone to talk to. I went to the police station and spent about two hours interviewing and talking to maybe one or two officers. I was there on business to pick up produce and presented no harm to myself or others, so they released me with no bail only a promise to show up for court; which I did. This was totally out of the norm for me, definitely not thinking straight; maybe acute PROBLEM.

Chronic OCD. The next episode had the same stressor; trigger. Failure. Where I purchased 1000 Christmas Trees, OCD, obsessive compulsion illness, to make sure every one of my customers, and those around got a tree that Christmas, and I would not fail at making that happen. The total cost of the trees was $18,000. It snowed before Christmas ending my season selling early and I got many bad trees from new suppliers, wind damage because it was so warm when the December tree season started, and I could not cover all the cost. I paid for the remainder of the trees around $5000, $2300 and around $3000, in five months but went through a lot of legal problems because the people did not want to wait five months for the rest of their money.

Rod’s Business in the 1990s, Garden Spot Produce, lost a few unsold trees some years        

After that, that was maybe my PROBLEM moments, or maybe it was just the first. But the OCD continued. I reported as late as 2010 and 2011 to my VA Doctor at the time. I was first treated for Diabetes Mellitus at the Salem VA in Virginia as early as 1998 when my blood sugar was over 500 and I was seeing stars or spots in my eyes at a high frequency. But I did not recognize what I had Diabetes type-II, I had the signs since the military since I now understand the signs; no one had had Diabetes in my family. 

                 Case 3

 “There is a constitutional right guaranteed to those accused of crimes to confront witnesses against them. In Washington v. Texas, 388 U.S. 14 10967), the Supreme Court stated: "The right to offer the testimony of witnesses, and to compel their attendance, if necessary, is in plain terms the right to present a defense, the right to present the defendant's version of the facts as well as the prosecution's to the jury so it may decide where the truth lies. Just as an accused has the right to confront the prosecution's witnesses for the purpose of challenging their testimony, he has the right to present his own witnesses to establish a defense. This right is a fundamental element Due process of law.”(Podger, Henning, Taslitz, and Garcia P. 539) The Defendant in this case did not confront witnesses or accusers against him in court so could the Defendant have appealed these cases on those grounds or should they have automatically been dismissed? The Defendant ordered around $18,000 in Christmas Trees to be delivered over schedule days during December. Trees have to be ordered a month or more in advance. Upon delivery of first shipment. He brought it attention to the driver of the truck that trees were wind-burnt; when the weather is hot, and the trees are not fresh, then if not wrapped in tarp, the tree needles and limbs may become brittle and fall quickly. The defendant had problems selling these trees when they were first delivered. So, the next scheduled deliveries came, and cash flow was short. His two backups that would normally help him out in a financial jam, had spent out for the holiday. Then, a giant snow storm came a week before Christmas diminishing last week sales. The defendant lost a lot of Christmas trees; the season was disastrous. The Defendant could not cover about six-thousand of the $18,000 at the end of sales and had two checks return to separate suppliers. After 30 days, the law state that if you do not cover a check you are guilty of Bad Check writing. The Defendant was contacted by an investigator to come down to the station and finger print and later arraigned and pleaded “not guilty” because of extenuating circumstances. He was remanded to pay trees off before trial in six months. He paid trees off. It was five months later. One charge was dropped because the dealer had some culpability in the Defendant not selling the trees. But, the Prosecutor argued that the other case with the bad weather, the person had no culpability. Neither of the accusers showed up in court. The defendant subpoenaed the driver to appear about the condition of the trees, but he did not come either. It may have been understood that the tree conditions were not good from one supplier. So, Defendant was found guilty by the Judge, the Defendant requested no jury, of writing a bad check over $250. The Defendant wrote the Judge a strong letter, that he thought the Judge had erred on the grounds that there was no criminal intent, mens res, by the defendant. He had been in business for around five years, stayed in business about five more years, 10 years, had been a third generation Christmas tree seller, produced photos of the lost Christmas Trees, and had paid the trees off when instructed. At sentencing, the Judge gave the Defendant no time, five years’ probation, and wished the Defendant luck. The Defendant respected the Judge decision and did not appeal, which his attorney wanted to do. Did the Judge think he erred? Did the Defendant error? The defendant never committed any financial crimes, no embezzlement, no thefts, no tax evasion, no etc... Here is law on the issue:

“There are two broad sorts of facts that must be proven at a criminal trial. The first sort is “raw” facts.”

B. Two Types of Facts: “Raw and “Normative”

“There are two broad sorts of facts that must be proven at a criminal trial. The first sort is “raw” facts – who did what to whom, when, and why.” “A raw fact is something that happened “out there,” in the real, observable world of the past, that is, the event either happened or did not.” “Since it is impossible to travel back in time and observe the crime, factfinder biases; lawyers errors, ; insufficient, fraudulent, or distorted evidence; poor judgment; and myriad other factors might result in the factfinder making a mistake about what really happened. But, in theory, there is one and only one “right” answer waiting to be found.”

“The second sort of fact is a” normative” fact, on for which even time travel would not present a single, crystal clear answer.” “Mental state determination involves normative facts to varying degree.” What was someone thinking when they did something, if they do not tell you, you cannot read their mind. “Yet, even proving normative facts turns on proving raw facts that support normative inferences.”

(Podger, Henning, Taslitz, and Garcia P. 231, 232, 233, 234)

“The Basis for an Appeal: The Defendant convicted of a crime must demonstrate a legal error in pre-trial procedure, which is usually based on:”

1-Insufficient evidence

2-Improper jury instruction

3-Evidentiary challenges

4-Constitutional Issues

(Podger, Henning, Taslitz, and Garcia P. 48)

  § Model Penal Code - Mistake of Fact and Law
              § 2.04. "Ignorance or Mistake (1) Ignorance or mistake as to a matter of fact or law is a defense if:"                                              

(Podger, Henning, Taslitz, and Garcia P. 167, 168)